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Land Banking In Nigeria: What It Entails & How To Build Your Wealth Through it

Land Banking In Nigeria: What It Entails & How To Build Your Wealth Through it

Land banking is one of the surest means in real estate business of making huge returns on your investment.

If there is any business in Nigeria that creates a leveled playing field for wealth to be created by all and sundry who follow the light inherent in the business, that business undoubtedly has to be real estate business. Real estate business in Nigeria is booming with reckless abandon.

You can’t delve into real estate business and not have a worthy venture to fall back on because you think the business is saturated by people. Real estate has something for everybody; there are various positions in the large team of real estate players with no room for anyone to sit on the bench. Invariably, you can be nobody yet be somebody in the twinkle of an eye when you delve into real estate business. Land banking is one of the surest means in real estate business of making huge returns on your investment.

What is Land Banking?

Land Banking is simply the process of securing future property development sites today, at the current price – a strategy used by many professional property developers. Or in the lay man’s language, Land banking is the practice of aggregating parcels of land for future sale or development.

In land banking you buy a large expanse of land and put in a land bank to ensure you have sufficient stock of land for future property development just like is obtainable in our various estate projects such as Roseberry Estate and Prime Estate Projects.

Land banking offers a good investment strategy which ensures that many investors with foresight make a fortune by land banking because they are able to use a number of different property wealth accelerators that, when combined, generate substantial profits.

More so, land appreciates, so buying a property close to its land value can be a smart strategy.Some common triggers for creating a land bank include:

  • Large inventories of vacant and abandoned property
    • Properties with little to no market value
    • Properties with title problems

How Does Land Banking Work?

This land banking practice is not only by individuals, and corporate bodies alone; government institutions at various levels are involved.

Land banking is a pathway to financial stability and freedom without creating holes in your pocket.

Though Land banking is perceived as the underground bank where the rich keep their money with vault breaking returns on maturity, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s solely for the rich.

In land banking, the poor becomes rich while the rich get richer; it’s a-two way traffic thing.

Globally, people have made huge fortune from land banking.

It’s a proven business strategy of purchasing expanse of undeveloped land along the path of growth/development and holding on to it until such a time as it is profitable to sell it to others for more than was initially paid.

Imagine that you buy a plot of land in Roseberry Estate, Ibeju Lekki for a million naira and two years or less down the line the same plot of land is sold for 2.5 million naira. You would be making a profit of 1.5 million naira by selling that same piece of land. Now, consider this; what if you had bought 5 plots of land? Do the math…

If there is any reason to hesitate on acquiring a property such as land it should be if you are skeptical about the land in question. In the real sense, if there was any sanity in the world there should be no reason at all not to invest in lands.

Don’t walk or drive pass that property with regrets some years after a real estate agent tried to convince you to invest in an opportunity of a lifetime with no avail. You could think you bought what looked like a fallow land and years after it turns out to be an empire that takes you to a place higher than you could think of.

Land banking is more or less a god, serve it well and you would have created an entire paradise for you and the generations unborn.

Yes, there are tips, dos and don’ts if you hope to make a great success of your land banking efforts. This free e-book exposes you to the underground banks the rich keep their money and help you through it all. It also leads you to where you can get help for your land banking investment. Download here



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