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Land Banking

Exposed! Land banking investment, the underground banks the rich keep their money.

With this article I will be exposing you to land banking investment, which is an aspect in real estate business that can give you financial freedom without emptying your pocket.This form of investment was perceived to be capital intensive and solely for the rich.

But recent strategies applied by some prominent real estate companies in Nigeria have shown that’s not really true.

This form of investment has an advantage over bank savings, shares, bonds, etc. because of its low risk, unique increase in value from inflation conversion and high returns on investment.

It’s regarded as the underground bank the rich keep their money with vault breaking returns on maturity.

If you know about land banking investment and you are not rich or you know nothing about this form of investment, don’t worry just take time to digest this article. It will boggle your mind.

This is one aspect in real estate business that’s helping most investors to become millionaires and even billionaires.

Many investment experts regard real estate as the most appropriate and surest store of value.

It’s a proven business strategy of purchasing expanse of undeveloped land along the path of growth/development and holding on to it until such a time as it is profitable to sell it to others for more than was initially paid.

There are several case studies of people globally that have made fortune from this form of investment. Let’s start from home…

One person that was popular and become wealthy from land banking in Nigeria was Chief Emmanuel Oyedele Ashamu.

He was prominent in the Nigerian business sector during the 60s and 80s. In the 60s, he delved into the real estate sector and was involved in land development which includes Ire-Akari Estate, Isolo in Lagos.

He rose to become one of the most prominent business men in Africa.His landed properties go beyond Nigeria to United Kingdom and the United State of America.

After he died in 1992, his estimated net worth was $34 million, leaving behind a vast estate to his children and grand children.

Another wealthy person that has made fortune from land banking investment is Donald Trump; this is what he has to say about real estate business: “It’s tangible, it’s solid, and it’s beautiful. It’s artistic, from my standpoint, and I just love real estate.”

These case studies will not be complete, if I fail to tell you that my exposure and application of land banking investment strategies has made positive impact in my financial life.

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