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Would you prefer to have a live-in maid or part time maid?
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Would you prefer to have a live-in maid or part time maid?

Many people are stuck with the decision to have a live-in or part-time maid. This is because either of these choices have advantages and disadvantages. Some people do not even subscribe to having a maid at all because of the many cases of infidelity, loss of property, house damage, maltreatment of children and the rest. We often hear of domestic staff selling off properties of their employers.

We conducted an opinion poll on Facebook to find out people’s thoughts on having your maid live with you in your home, apartment or having them come from outside, close and go back to where they live.

Below are some of the responses we had:

Kemi said, “It depends. When I was working a 9 to 5 job, I preferred a maid who stays at home. Now that I have my own busiñess, I prefer a maid who comes and goes.”

Oluwafunmbi said, “I believe strongly that when she’s with me I will have a total control of what goes into her mind.  I will be her highest influencer. She won’t come and go and then get polluted.  Since I’d treat her like my own child, and I’d have gotten her from a reliable source I’m sure she’d not misbehave.”

Olatunde said, ” Either one doesn’t prevent some men or women from doing wrong things with maids or maids doing wrong things with the kids in the house. But since it’s a question of preference, I’ll prefer that the maid comes and goes that way my family doesn’t get too attached to the maid and i get to make decisions without any sentiment.”

Adams said, “The one that comes and close should be a mature married person. Young one must live with u to know the kind of person she is.”

Esiri said, “She has to live with me oo. That’s how we grew up having them and I share my mums reasoning.  She says when they go and come:
A. It’s easier for them to steal. They keep pilfering things and food items and taking to their own location.
B. Germs..you do not know the standard of hygiene of the apartment they come from. And if they are catering to your kids or a baby, they bring germs and diseases back and forth from their location.
C. If you work a 9 – 5, then you probably have to be at work before 8am. Waiting for your nanny to show up before you live for work every morning, especially in a place like Lagos where there’s always traffic, means that you may have to go to work late all the time

Niyi said, “One who lives with us when the kids are young. One who comes and goes when there are no kids or when the kids are teenagers and older.”

Israel said, “My uncle once said that if he employs any maid and she travels maybe for vacation or festive season or whatsoever reason, if she comes back he won’t accept him/her back. I asked why, then he said it is possible she might have been influenced by the people outside.

I will agree a maid that stays because a maid that doesn’t live with you and prepares your dish is most poisonous because he or she knows that whatsoever thing that is done wrongly she won’t have a share in it because by that time she is at home.”

Francisca said, “I had a maid that comes and go she stole my jewelry, my baby napkins, even soup (after stealing that one she will pour enough water and salt to make up for what she took) the next one stole raw food stuff as she is going each day. The live in is better.”

Samuel said, “I don’t like any. Technology has helped us enough. Get a dishwasher, microwave, freezer, and a laundry machine.
Cook your meals during the weekend, keep in the freezer and microwave whenever you wanna eat.
A dishwasher would do your dishes, and a laundry machine does the laundry.
You can shop for things online and have it delivered to your doorsteps.
You’re probably left with cleaning the house alone or what else.

Tending to kids is a collective effort of both husband and wife and you don’t have to do that for long. Train the children to start doing little chores from 3years of age and we’re good.”

Olubisose said, “I prefer Live in. They get influenced and persuaded by the day to day lifestyle of Love and Godliness.

They are generally easy to monitor and discern. If treated well, they give the best, better than the insecurities of leaving a stranger in your house when you have to go out with your entire family.”

So, let’s hear from you, which would you prefer; a live-in maid or part time maid?

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