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What To Look Out For Inside a Rental Property

Choosing a home to rent can be a very personal decision and trying to decide if a rental property is suitable for you at an inspection can be difficult. There are some obvious things a prospective tenant shouldn’t overlook while home-hunting.

Many of us allow our emotions get in the way while on a house inspection. For reasons best known to the prospective tenants, they allow the agent who is mostly after his own personal gains sweet-mouth them into renting a property without thoroughly inspecting the property. Most times the prospective tenant gets carried away with aesthetics and other fleeting attributes of the rental property than the obvious ones that determines how comfortable they would get in that rental property.

Avoid overlooking something as necessary as “will my fridge fit in the kitchen” or will I have space to park my car”, in the rush of acquiring a rental property because your agent tells you a lot of people are interested in the property

Make the most of what limited time you have to inspect a rental by referring to this simple checklist of practical areas to consider before signing a rental agreement.

1. Security

Have a look for deadlocks, window locks, the gate leading to the compound, that’s if it’s even gated at all, and other security features. The level of security there is a determinant to how well you will sleep at night. You can’t ignore this very consequential part of home inspection.

2. Where can I store…

Storage can be expensive to buy if you don’t have enough of it, especially when you move house later on to a place where you no longer need it. Is there enough internal and external storage for all your important items? Be also sure if there is enough pantry space, linen space and areas for you to store cumbersome cleaning items, like brooms and vacuum cleaners.

3. Cleanliness

What is the environment where the property is situated like? Is there a proper drainage there? Are the trenches well taken care of? Are there more rats or rodents in your compound than humans? If you want to find out more about the aforementioned, then you go there at night, especially for the rats – they are nocturnal animals.

4. Measure the space

Measure the rooms in the house with a tape rule. Ensure that not only will your prized designer dining table or antique bed fit in the room, but that you’ll actually be able to get it through the door.

5. Will your white goods fit?

Check that there is space in the kitchen for your fridge, dishwasher and other appliances that you like to have out on the bench. See if your washing machine and dryer will fit in the laundry, or if they come with the property. If you like to drip dry your clothes and other items in the laundry, see that there is space.

 6. Is your compound noisy?

Be perfectly quiet and see if you can hear your neighbors/cars driving by/trains/any other aggravating noises that might turn up. Ask how old the house is and how thin the walls are.

7. Are you a gas or electricity kind of person?

This really is a personal choice; some people prefer gas cooking others might like electric hot water. Whichever is your preference check what’s available and that your happy with it.

Other things to consider

  • Does the property have roller doors or shutters? Check to see if they are electronic or if you manually have to open and close them.
  • If there is car parking with the property check how many spaces.
  • Are there holes in the roof and walls or are the walls peeling?
  • Also, look out for plumbing problems. You may want to critically inspect the facilities inherent in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet, it is very essential
  • If in doubt about anything, ask the agent. Avoid making assumptions which may lead to a headache latter on.




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