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Where would you love to spend your honeymoon?
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Where would you love to spend your honeymoon?

After the wedding comes the honeymoon, right? Many of us look forward to this because it is a one time experience, sort of. This is why the decision on where to spend your honeymoon becomes one of the most important wedding decisions.

Below are some responses of single and married people:

Ayokunle Onipede, who is a married man told us where he did his. “I Did mine in Dubai. Perhaps the cheapest with the most value. You’ll find the same standard of luxury you’ll find in many European/exotic destinations for a lesser amount. Take for instance, hotels are cheaper in Dubai than in many other places. I considered 3 options: Maldives, Zanzibar and Mauritius. I still have my wakanow quotes for each of them. When I saw the prices, I just went for Dubai sharp sharp. And visa processing is a breeze.”

Patience Joseph mentioned places she would love to do her honeymoon. Kajuru castle, Fifth chucker polo club and resort in Kaduna, Obudu ranch. I would like to visit the hot springs in the southwest too.

May Adins said, “Obudu cattle ranch, oguta lake resort, ikosi spring waterfalls etc.”. Olumide Inshera described Obudu Cattle ranch as a very beautiful and natural place. According to him,  it is on an elevation so the weather stays very cool and nice there , it has beautiful biodiversity and great beautiful tropical forests , flat green plains and beautiful forest mountains.

Let’s hear your views. We would love to know where you would love to spend your honeymoon. Please share your thoughts and responses in the comment section below.

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