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Home Decor: How To Make Your Small Apartment Feel Bigger Than It Is

If you have gone through by clicking this article, then it is only safe to assume you live in a small apartment and you are interested in knowing how to make good use of the space available to you.

You may be renting, you may be lucky enough to have bought something, but either way, welcome to the reality of trying to exist in a ridiculous housing market.

Getting a good apartment in Nigeria can be really stressful. Finance, location, and serenity are crucial factors to be considered before renting an apartment in Nigeria especially commercial cities like Lagos and Abuja.

Small apartments are the running joke of real estate in Lagos. If you live in one, you know that every little square foot counts. So making it a functional, yet still open space does require some creativity.

Anyone with a small apartment should start by thinking about what activities they want their space to support first and then set things up accordingly, in order of preference.

There are technical ways to make it happen, and i will be sharing few tips on how to go about it.

Interior Design Tips For a Small Apartment Owner

Below are some simple home decor ideas that will make your small apartment look like a haven;

Create Imaginary Space

Give your small apartment a touch of luxury by creating a fantasy of extra space. To achieve this, choose furniture that can be seen through. It can be made of glass or acrylic. You should be able to see underneath the surface through its legs. Such furniture takes up less visual space, creating a look that’s lighter in visual weight. Mirrors can also create the illusion of more space in a room.

Also, you can use curtains, choose the longest curtains your space will allow, hang them closer to the ceiling and make sure they either touch the ground, puddle slightly or are just shy of the floor. Most people will use 84″ curtains by default. This will help give a plush look to your studio apartment.

Recreate and Own your style

Just because your space is small, it doesn’t mean you have to forfeit the things you like.

Don’t be afraid to put your things on display. The trick is to put your belongings or accessories into groupings by pulling together objects that are alike. This will help create symmetry and balance within your space.

Another option for a sleek and stylish look is to create a gallery wall or make use of hooks and rails to keep your things in order.

Improve Your Storage

Because you have a limited space, your storage options are also limited. Smaller belongings can easily make your apartment cluttered look if they’re left lying around. You can try storing your smallest items in attractive baskets, boxes and bins. Not only do these come in a variety of stylish shapes, colours, and sizes, but they’re very affordable! Open shelving is also preferable in a small space, but you need a good media console to hide all your wires.

Learn the best Furniture Placement Tactics

Play around with the placement and orientation of your furniture, you can fit more than you originally anticipated. (This doesn’t cost a dime) For example, maybe you have a bookcase or even a small dresser you’d like to keep but it doesn’t actually fit in the room you want it in. If your room has a closet, then try storing some smaller case pieces there instead.

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Sometimes just rotating a piece, or placing it in a different spot relative to other pieces that you usually group that piece with, can save or create space. You can try placing your small buffet table at an angle near the kitchen bar to fit it into the dining area. Additionally, don’t be afraid to float furniture that is finished on all sides.


Your home is a personal and unique space that reflects who you are, so the colour and your furnishings are very important – but they can also impact how a space feels.

You don’t need to be an interior designer to create a space full of pattern or colour that feels pulled together.

Limiting your colour theme of your apartment to three hues creates a clean, cohesive look. You can try combining bright and neutral shades to create harmony and contrast.

Get Rid of Items You Don’t Need

If you have items that you just don’t use or don’t fit well in your space, it’s better to get rid of it. You sell it, trash it, donate it, or re-purpose these things into something that you can use. Make extra money from the off sold items. This can be used to buy items that are not only a better fit for your space but is something that you love and want to have in your home.

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