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Man divorces wife of 10years over theft of land documents

Alhaji Suleiman Apanpa, the President of a Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan, on Thursday dissolved a 10-year-old marriage between one Gabriel Adebayo and his wife, Olubisi, over theft of land documents and home appliances.

Apanpa held that the court dissolved the union because Olubisi’s actions showed that she planned to inherit her husband’s property even when he was still alive.

He advised men and women to be very prayerful before choosing a spouse.

“The union between Gabriel and Olubisi has ceased to be in the interest of peaceful living.

“Custody of the child produced by the union is granted to Olubisi, and Gabriel is, hereby, directed to pay N5,000 as monthly feeding allowance of the child.

“He is also to be responsible for the child’s education and other welfare.

“A copy of this judgment shall be served on the respondent so that she would be aware of the court’s decision,” said the arbitrator.

Narrating his ordeal, Gabriel, who is believed to be around 70 years of age, said that his wife had stolen documents of all he had laboured for all through his life.

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“I have taken the painful decision of calling it quits with Olubisi because of the numerous problems she has been creating in my home.

“After I married her 10 years ago, I discovered that some of my land documents disappeared for no reason.

“Worst still, some electrical gadgets, such as television, CD player, fan, among others also disappeared from the house.

“There is nothing I have not done to persuade Olubisi to return all my stolen items, but she refused to bring them back.

“Besides, Olubisi has been having running battles with my tenants with the intention of sending them away.

“After instigating crises in the house, Olubisi tells me to eject tenants and I have almost ejected them all.

“She is threatening my life, I can no longer live with her,” Gabriel said.

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However, the respondent was not in court to defend herself.

The court’s bailiff, who took the hearing notice to her, said she was not willing to make any appearance in the matter.

“I have personally given Olubisi hearing notice on three different occasions, but she told me that she will never come to the court,” said the bailiff.

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