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Mobile app driving real estate marketing

As faster, smarter and affordable mobile phones continue to saturate the Nigerian market, real estate developers and professionals are gradually shifting attention to mobile technology for marketing in order to reach a wider population for their products (houses).

From iPhone to iPad, Blackberry and other smart phones, real estate developers and agents have been caught in the web of mobile marketing.

These devices have changed the landscape of finding and selling real estate in Lagos and Abuja, and more importantly, they have become necessities for professionals looking to market their services as effectively as possible.

Taking the advantage of mobile marketing, the planner and developer of Eko Atlantic City project in Lagos, Messrs Sothernx Energy Limited, has recently unveiled a mobile app to showcase the development of the new city and its investment opportunities.

The mobile app was released for use on all new generation smart phones and tablets. Explaining how the mobile app works, Eko Atlantic’s Consultant for Communication, Mr. Brent Sadler, said the technology allowed subscribers to see the on-going development in all segments of the new city in the comfort of their homes and offices through the use of their android phones instead of visiting the site.

Speaking about mobile marketing of real estate products when interviewed by New Telegraph, Lagos-based estate surveyors and valuer, Mr. Leke Akinwunmi, said that the use of mobile apps for marketing has become imperative as the whole world has become a global village.

He pointed out that marketing property through online and mobile apps is faster, adding that the process delivers products on time, but expressed concern about people that engaged in it for fraud. He said: “Property marketing online is faster and delivers on time.

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  1. Technology is everywhere now, real estate is not left out and it is good news that we are integrating it into our system in Nigeria

  2. Smart way to market your self. Mobile applications is the next stage for optimal marketing, in a couple of years, you will be able to buy and sell properties from the comfort of your room, using your mobile phone.

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