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More women are thinking real estate

In a statement made by online property portal, Lamudi Tanzania limited to mark International women’s day on Sunday, it was said that women are increasingly undoing blockades to the once male dominated real estate ownership, management and dealing.

Quoting a Dar es Salaam based real estate broker, Lamudi said despite facing hostilities from male peers in the field, she is making progress.

Mariam Dalali said the real estate industry has been male-dominated for a very long time. Stating that as the only woman in the business in Tanzania, she encounters some difficulties and that the most serious issue is trust.

Ms Dalali pointed out that most clients have trust in male realtors, while others think that because she is female, delivering on their property requirements is impossible.

She said to overcome these barriers, she now reach out to clients through social media, particularly Instagram where she currently has 29,000 people.

Lamudi said globally, women are breaking the glass ceiling and getting into the real estate business both as brokers and investors. In neighboring Kenya, the statement quotes Sakina Hassanali who is Marketing Manager at HassConsult Real Estate.

Ms Hassanali is one of the few Kenyan women who is revolutionizing the industry by successfully working for family-run business known as HassConsult Real Estate.

“Women have a natural knack for relationship building and given that real estate dealings are often long term, this really helps in creating lasting team synergies,” she said. “Women are able to achieve incredible growth because of – not in spite of – inherent characteristics considered to be feminine,” Hassanali argued.

Globally, Lamudi which operates in several countries noted that women real estate managers, owners and brokers are quickly outsmarting their male peers. Launched in 2013, Lamudi is a global property portal available in 32 countries in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, with more than 800,000 real estate listings across its global network.

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