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More women buy real estate in Taiwan than Men: Broker data

More women than men bought real estate in 2014, a situation a researcher at HB Housing, one of the largest real estate brokers in Taiwan, attributed to an increase in women’s financial independence.

The ratio of male to female buyers in the real estate market stood at 49:51 last year, according to Jessica Hsu, head of HB Housing’s research department, citing real estate procurement data for 2014 compiled by the department.

The data also shows that the largest group of female buyers was in the 40-49 age bracket, while for men, the biggest group was in the 30-39 bracket.

Many men appeared to purchase housing after getting married, while many of the female buyers were single, Hsu said, attributing the situation as one of the reasons most female buyers were aged 40-something, an age indicating they might have accumulated enough wealth on their own to buy themselves a home.

In terms of real estate types, women were mostly inclined to seek housing units in buildings and apartments, while men showed a preference for houses and other special real estate objects, such as plots of land and parking lots, the researcher said.

Women were found to be mostly conservative in planning their finances and were therefore inclined to purchase low-risk properties, while men appeared to care more about return on investment, and so would buy properties with higher risk but with greater profit potential, she added.


Source – Want China Times

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  1. Women are taking giant strides all over the world. Men beware!

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