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“My Landlord is ‘Un-empathetic’

In this part of the world, gists, hearsays or gossips about landlord/landlady and their tenants would crack your ribs and should never be missed. Tenants feel they own the house rented for the particular period of time as agreed by both parties and some landlords/landladies would always want to assume the role of their tenants’ guardian. The disagreement that ensues between a landlord or landlady and his/her tenant ranges from bills disagreement, damages and repair to restrictions in movement, the list is endless.

Amid the ugly trend, tenants have different perceptions of their landlords/landladies. Nigeria Real Estate hub (NREH), being dedicated to bring you news/gists on happening around you concerning shelter(one of the 3 most essential needs of man), went out to get the views of tenants on their landlords/ladies from different parts of the country and here are the few expressions we got.


Question – assuming you are given the responsibility to give me and the readers of NREH a perception of your Landlord/lady by describing your Landlord/lady in one sentence (simple or compound), how would you describe him/her?


Ayoola – resides in Iwaya, Lagos state – “The Landlord is detached, impersonal and negligent of matters concerning the house especially that concerning water supply, yet maintains control of what is allowed and not allowed to be installed and used in the house.”

Jennifer – resides in Gbagada, Lagos state – “He is nice to me sha but to others na terrorist. I think he treats us as we treat him”

Okanlawan – resides in Ife, Osun state: “I have never met my Landlady before, never had issues in the house.”

Seyi – resides in ogba, Lagos state – “He’s very reliable”

Ikechukwu – resides in Magodo, Lagos – “My landlord is very understanding and our relationship is cordial”

Temitope – resides in Ogba, Lagos state – “He’s un-empathetic, yet hilarious”

Ayo – resides in Ikeja, Lagos state – “He is kind”

Isaiah – resides in Rumuibekwe, River state – “My landlord is always absent, he lives else where”

ND – resides in Elekahia, River state – “My landlord is considerate”

Jerry – resides in Asaba, Delta state – “Master & commander”

Fowode – resides in Ogba, Lagos state – “He’s very reliable”

Lekan – resides in Ogba, Lagos state – “Fair weather woman”

Chioma – resides in ogba, Lagos state – “Aaaaah my former landlady onye ala, onye iberibe. But my new landlord is a very nice man”


They’ve laid it all bare, people from different parts of Nigeria, giving you an insight of what their Landlords/ladies can be. I guess from the above information, it is safe to say the ratio of good to bad relationship between house owners and their tenants can be said to be 6:4


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Describe your Landlord/lady in one sentence. (Kindly use the comment box below, also join us with the hashtag on Twitter and Facebook – #DescribeUrLandlord)


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