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My POLICE Landlord | #SackYourLandlord

If there should be any advice I must give to fellow tenants, it is that one should never ever live in the same compound as the landlord. It is the worst living code ever. I have witnessed the wickedness, the evil of landlords that usually live in the same compound with their tenants.

There is always constant policing of every move anyone is making in the compound.

There was this time the landlord put out a mandate that the gate to the compound will be locked by 10pm and that anyone who doesn’t come back from wherever they are before that will be locked outside. As tenants, we all agreed because its a normal thing in many other neighbouring compounds.

Little did we know that this man had his own personal agenda. The moment it was 9pm, he would come out and lock the gate. At first, people were not so clamorous of it until one day something happened. Almost all the young men had gone out to a nearby viewing centre to watch football. Unfortunately the match ended sometime around to 11pm. When they came back, as usual the gate has been padlocked. They knocked and knocked but to no avail. And no other person has the key except the landlord. Would you believe that this man finally came out to the gate, asked them who they were and their apartments, as well as where they were coming from? As they were all done answering, in his words “It is past 10pm, go and find a place to sleep”. That was it. He turned and left. It was really terrible.

In that compound, the type of music a tenant plays, is dictated. When to even play music is also dictated.

If you have a power generating set, good for you. But so long as his is not turned on, sorry is your name. You won’t put on yours. And sometimes even, when his is on, no-one dares puts on theirs. According to him, “You want to pull ranks with me”.

A tenant who has a partner – wife or girlfriend, you MUST not frolic with her within the radar of that man. If you do, automatically, that tenant becomes the Devil that is teaching his children how to become immoral.

At the same time with all these madness going on, if you happen to cook and it smells really delicious, pray that the landlord is not around. If he happens to be at home and he gets a sniff of it, he quickly dispatches one of his children to you and books ahead of time. Why? So that he is going to be the first to be served for tasting. Can you imagine?

If ever there would be a good landlord to live with, it is going to be like finding a needle in a haystack.

It was really hellish living in that man’s compound. And that is why that Landlord deserves to be SACKED.

AUTHOR: Uloma Uzoigwe


  1. To me some Landlords behave this way because of the kind of Tenant they have. I can’t imagine myself being subjected to such torture. Mba nah!! The child that says the mother will not sleep, shall have no sleep too.

  2. Lol I find this funny. It’s like they have not beaten that guy before. Lol. Much respect to you Oma. You wrote darn well

  3. Babe voted ur story. Nice story.

  4. Lolssss…… This story is funny

  5. He’s very stupid. After everything, you would come and not only taste but eat my food. Some people are just crazy.

  6. Finehouse, your article is real and lots of tenants have same ado.

  7. I have voted o! You must keep to your word on that soup or else

  8. Yes o. It was really something else. The worse of all was that, the day you decide to pack out from the yard you are finished. He will call police on you and you’ll be arrested.

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  10. Atuchukwu Onyedika

    Darn!!! People really behave that way?? That Landlord is something else o.

    This is a nice story finally.

  11. Thank you so much Realty Point Ltd for picking out mine amongst the fifteen to be voted.

    Pls friends and well-wishers, keep the votes coming in. Thank you all so much.

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