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#MyFirstHouse - 'My Wife And I Had To Live In Between Houses' – Mr. Oranye

#MyFirstHouse – ‘I wanted to break my family circle of paying rent’

A young man in his late twenties granted Nigeria Real Estate Hub a brief interview on our first house series. He requested to remain anonymous but if this young man could be focused enough to achieve this, then  you too can. Read this short interview below and be inspired to (Like they say at Realty Point Limited) – SACK YOUR LANDLORD!


NREH: Kindly introduce yourself.


I would like my name withheld… I’m a film maker, single father of none and a promising young man


NREH: How did the journey to being your own landlord start?


It started off just like every other dream or vision. It started on a paper. I wanted to make sure I didn’t carry on my family circle of paying rent. Besides I find very inconsiderate and cruel that a man will slave round a calendar year just to pay rents and after 10yrs of paying that rent he can’t even own the house, He’s only made his wicked landlord richer that’s if you’re lucky to have a wicked landlord/landlady as some of them are witches and wizards.

My family at some point has been kicked out literary from an apartment we stayed for 11yrs. The rent went from 70k to 500k in less than 10yrs shit! These wicked landlords are making so much money meenh. I had to cash in lol.


NREH: What was the experience like?


Well I did say it was very challenging as you have to deprive yourself of what we regard as the basic comfort just to make the project work. In my case I had to share a 2bedroom so the project won’t suffer. Jump buses, I still jump buses by way but only that that’s about to change AMEN!? So yeah. I lived on a budget, as everything I bought is compared to the price of cement and block. So I ask myself should I buy a bottle of Cîroc in a club, how many bags of cement will that money buy. Maybe 10bags.MbanuAlu! I drink water today.


NREH: How do you feel being a landlord of your own?


Satisfying but for me nothing really have changed. I get to save my rent of at least 400k for my 3 bedrooms, collect another 750k every year, bang the gate when I want to. Play my loud music if I want to and I don’t have anyone telling me what to do. You see nothing has changed for me. Life is just a roller coaster as they say.


NREH: In our previous interview with a Landlord on the first house series, he expressed concern on how unreliable artisans can be, do you agree?


To be honest it depends on individual principles. There are unreliable people in all works of life.



NREH: What do you think about landlords in Nigeria, Lagos especially since you reside in Lagos and what have you experienced in the cause of being a tenant and will do differently?


I think the landlord claim policy of Lagos and Nigeria as a whole is unjust and does not take cognizance of the tenant. How to live in building for 10yrs and

you can’t attempt to buy it. And landlords on the other hand can be very selfish they only care about their rent and nothing more and when they’re broke, they increase the rents or quiet the tenant so they can get 2yrs from a new tenant which can be regarded as a physical and financial witchcraft.



NREH: What advice do you have for tenants planning to become their own landlord?


Save, be focused on the project, cut your spending, take buses forget taxi. Try not to pay rent. If possible share a flat and save some more and repeat the first word again. SAVE!



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