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#MyFirstHouse -'It is important to cut off paying house rent' - Segun Awolowo

#MyFirstHouse -‘It is important to cut off paying house rent’ – Segun Awolowo

As much as we encourage you to be your own landlord on this platform by getting fresh landlords to share their experiences with us, this interview with Mr. Segun Awolowo, who runs Stretch Audio Visual company in Lagos, Nigeria, points out the need to embark on such project with trustworthy Real estate firms. You too can be your own landlord without facing hitches. Read below:


NREH: Congratulations on moving into your new house, we would like to know how it all started, from land acquisition to this point.

#MyFirstHouse -'It is important to cut off paying house rent' - Segun Awolowo

Segun: We secured the land in the year 2012 and it was left untouched since then until late last year when we felt we should tidy up the payment for the survey and all the documentations which we made effort to do. It was early this year, February to be precise, we saw the need to start something there. Construction started early march 2015. We deed the clearing, foundation and all that. At about August, the place was ready for habitation.


NREH: So it took you roughly 6 months or thereabout?


Segun: 5/6 months or thereabout.


NREH: Lets go back a little bit, the land acquisition process, how easy was it?


Segun: It was through Realty Point Limited. I remember it was one of the marketers that we work with that got the place for us and we were able to get the place. It was a one of payment we did.


NREH: And since then has there been any land issues or unexpected charges?

Segun: We already had an idea of all the payments before acquiring the land. The documents that were issued to us made it known to us that those payment will be made before we could be allowed to start anything on the land which was what we worked towards achieving. After the payment, we got proper allocation and documentation


NREH: Looking at the land acquisition date and building construction, what was the cause of the delay and prompted the commencement of the building construction?

#MyFirstHouse -'It is important to cut off paying house rent' - Segun Awolowo

Segun: Finance in a way and I didn’t see any serious need for it not until this year when it became necessary for us to move. The heavy cost of house rent actually was the main issue. We were trying to reduce some cost. It is important to cut off paying house rent. Instead of paying, we decided we could put together a building and reduce the huge expenses as far as rent is concerned.


NREH: During the building construction, how was the service of the building constructors, artisans and every arm needed for progression?

Segun: Everybody did well. Considering the time frame that we had, we were able to achieve what we wanted within that time frame. We needed to adjust one or two things at some point, things I felt was not up to my expectation, but at the end of the process, we were able to achieve a common goal which was what I had in mind. The whole building came out fine at the end of the day.


NREH: Going by what you just said, it shows you had a joyous ride as regards land acquisition and even construction of your building unlike others. Would you say going through Realty Point Limited aided this smooth ride?


Segun: Getting the land from Realty point for me was one key factor. I try to encourage people to actually work with companies like Realty point that will give them rest of mind. Because I can say categorically say that we had rest of mind that nothing will go wrong with the land. In fact at a point when the building was being constructed, I was not even on site but there was no single day anybody called to say he was being harassed while working. Everything went smoothly. No harassment, no embarrassment from anywhere. That for me I think is an advantage. I don’t know what would have happened if I didn’t get my land through Realty Point Limited. It was a good experience for us.

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NREH: How did you feel? Moving from the tenant status to being a Landlord?

Segun: I had lived in 3 places before moving into my own house and I don’t think I have had any brutal experience with the landlords. The only problem was the rent was going beyond what I could bear. It is natural for anyone to feel elated, happy, excited especially when it is your first house and that is exactly how we feel.


NREH: What advice do you have for people who think they can’t afford to build their own houses and those who can actually afford it but haven’t made a move?


Segun: If you have to wait for when you will be able to afford it, then you have to wait forever. I have learnt that you don’t save money to build, you just have to decide and make up your mind to do it. The moment you are able to take the first step, it aids all other steps. I encourage you to do it once you have made up your mind. The important thing is just to start and wait for what will happen. The moment you start, the rest will be history.


My first house series is a motivational section of Nigeria Real Estate Hub aimed at encouraging and giving you the necessary support and plans in order to take the necessary steps at the right time to become your own Landlord. And the right time is always now.

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