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Why You Need An Architect For Your Building Project Design

In Nigeria, the work of an architect is not taken so seriously. So many people believe they can do their building design or construction without the aid of an architect. To them, employing an architect is a waste of money. Some don’t even know who an architect is. What do architects really do, and why should anyone consider one?

Using an architect might seem like a luxury, but if you’re renovating or building from scratch an architect could actually add value to your property and save you money – and potentially a lot of heartache – along the way.

What do architects do?

When it comes to design skills, architects actually bring a whole lot more to the table. Like expertise in coordination and project management, knowledge of building precedents and independent and expert advice that brings a different perspective to a builder’s.

“The architect can act as an impartial advisor, so it’s a benefit for many homeowners,”

According to Archicentre, architects can add value at four stages in the building process.

  • The schematic design: the what and how to build.
  • The design development, or what building materials to use and why.
  • Contract documentation, plans and instructions to make sure the building meets yours and the building authority’s requirements.
  • Contract administration, and recommending builders and tradesmen who do quality work.

Why use an architect?

Architects can present options you might not have considered, give your building style and design it to work efficiently and solve problems of space and function. Using an architect also means you get something that is tailored to your specific needs, so that you can plan for the long term.

And of course architects are creative, and good at problem solving, which is particularly handy with a renovation.

“Renovations often require inventiveness to get the best out of an existing building so you get a benefit there, and you also get design judgement, which is recognised in the outcome and the way a building feels.”

The bottom line

The words “architect designed” are often used to imply luxury and high-end design. But in reality, an architect can actually help you no matter what your budget, by helping you achieve the best design for the available money, and avoiding costly mistakes. The cost of an architect will vary depending on who you choose and the level of service you need.

If you are looking for quality, an architect can do just, and while the end result might be the same cost, the investment is usually returned in quality, liveability and other things like environmental factors.

Using an architect can maximise your budget and open up new possibilities, it can in fact add value to your building

“Building is expensive so you want to get the best value you can for the investment.”

Can ordinary people benefit from an architect?

While the benefits of architect designed homes should be available on most budgets, not all home are designed by architects. But they can be.

Of a truth, most houses in Nigeria were never designed by architect; neither do they homeowners have any dealings with architects. However, the intriguing part of these is that the real advances in project home building came from the use of architects. So we’ve got the benefit of an architect designed home but the economies of scale of a project home.

No job too small

It’s amazing what value an architect can bring, particularly if they’re called on for advice early in the project. Architects believe they can be recommended for any situation and that an architect’s eye can be useful, even on the smallest project.

Culled from www.realestate.com.au

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