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New energy model recommended by industry chieftain, researcher
Managing Director of UAC Property Development Company; Mr. Hakeem Ogunniran

New energy model recommended by industry chieftain, researcher

Vanguard reports that amid multiple challenges to economic recovery and diversification in Nigeria, a corporate chieftain and an energy researcher have canvassed deployment of innovative power infrastructure for solutions.

According to Vanguard, the Managing Director of UAC Property Development Company, Mr. Hakeem Ogunniran, stated that the power sector in general, and alternative power generation and distributed energy system, in particular, are vital in helping Nigeria move from recession to economic stability.

Speaking at the Seventh Edition of the Alternative Power Exhibition in Lagos, Ogunniran said that the only bail out required in the power sector was to leapfrog into creative alternative energy sources and make it available to Nigerians to tap into for sustainable power.

Speaking also at the event, Dean, Centre for Research, Innovation and Discovery, Covenant University, Professor Samuel Tita Wara, lamented that a number of countries, like Nigeria, and countries in Asian-Pacific region and sub-Saharan Africa still rely heavily on the conventional centralized power generation, as such there is a great need to re-evaluate the power generation process and adopt more efficient technologies for power delivery, Vanguard reports.

He said, “Why billions of people are lacking the basic infrastructure of electricity vis-à-vis energy production, can simply be understood by taking an in-depth look at the issues surrounding the affected countries.

“In many of the countries, especially those in Africa, connections to the central grid remains the exclusive preserve of a special few.

“Often time, the grid lines do not reach the rural areas even in the urban and peri-urban areas, uninterrupted power supply is nonexistent and the total electricity being generated by these nations cannot fully cater for their population.”

According to Wara, one of such technologies to be adopted for efficient power delivery is Distributed Energy Systems via Renewable energy generation and technologies, Vanguard reports.

Wara noted that the advantages of having distributed generation are that they can be applied to small and remote communities, and can also be used to tend to the energy requirements of internally displaced individuals.

“There is a significant reduction in transmission and distribution losses when compared to centralized generation, since power is being generated from the renewable energy source domiciled in the communities; there is increased supply and reliability of power and employment for local youths,” he said.

He further stated that one of the drawbacks of large centralized systems is that it is often run using fossil-fuels and this has negative influences on the environment, adding that the need to reduce the harmful effects of carbon emission on the environment necessitated the migration to clean Renewable Energy Systems.

Wara explained that deploying renewable energy generation and technologies to the manufacturing and transport sector would also help to reduce carbon emissions generated by these sectors and high cost of running such operations.

Source: Vanguard 

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