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Niger agrobusiness

Niger commences construction to support agrobusiness

As part of efforts aimed at improving farmers’ productivity in Niger state, the state government has started the construction of a 55 kilometers road in Layun Local Government area of the State, under the second phase of its Rural Roads Mobility Project (RAMP).

The State governor, Abubakar Sani Bello, who inaugurated the project in Kutigi-Dasun-Tasha Hajiya, said that it would improve the capacity of farmers to deliver their products as well as lead to the linkage of rural communities and allow them to have easy access to basic service.

“The road target to improve the capacity of the farmers to purchase inputs and sell products competitively,” he said.

“Farmers experience difficulties of sourcing and transporting key inputs such as seeds and fertilizers to the farms and evacuating their harvests to the local and regional markets. Significant part of perishable products are lost or damaged on transit” he added.

Bello lamented that lack of good roads was responsible for the high cost of transportation, adding that it was hindrance to the provision of effective market and service.

The Governor, therefore, reiterated the State’s commitment to pay its counterpart fund for donor-fund projects in the state.

Meanwhile, Niger State Commissioner for Agriculture and rural development, Haruna Dakku, said that the project would bring about good infrastructural development and improvement in socio-economic activities of people in the region.

Credit: AgroNigeria

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