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NIQS Chairman

NIQS advocates for collaboration among the industry professionals

As IO furniture hosted the Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (NIQS) and Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria (REDAN), last week in Lagos, the chairman, NIQS Lagos chapter, Mrs. Adenike Ayanda stated that quantity surveyors need partnership with other groups within the construction industry such as the furniture producers, as they are well connected.

Towards lifting the built environment sector, members of the Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (NIQS) advocated for collaboration among the industry professionals.

She explained that their visit to the furniture company was part of the educational activities they embarked on yearly and they were not disappointed by what they saw.

The members and students were very excited as they were shown round the facility and witnessed firsthand the production of the furniture by the company.

The Executive Director of IO Furniture Limited, Mrs. Funmi Shobo, said the Nigerian furniture industry is presently facing a lot of challenges presently and trying to survive in the face of all odds should be applauded and encouraged.

She cited the sourcing of good, dedicated personnel and power generation as the major threats to their company, which forces their overhead costs to rise.

She also lamented the influx of cheap, substandard furniture into the Nigerian market, which are usually not ISO certified, unlike their own products, which are locally made to the highest quality possible and could compete favorably with international brands. She also adds that the average income earner would soon be able to buy their products as they are planning a partnership with the banks, which would take care of loans for interested parties.

Mrs Shobo used the opportunity to call for more industry cooperation and partnership. According to her, when the different industries cooperate, they would be able to present a united front and rid the construction industry as a whole, of charlatans and substandard goods, products and services.

She also hopes that Nigerian companies start producing standard laminates as the ones they use are presently imported. She says they have to do this so that they never renege on quality and customer satisfaction, as the ones produced in Nigeria are not up to their desired standard of quality.



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