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Odd World! See Crazy Three Storey House Built Upside Down

Do you know that there is a house in Taiwan that is built completely upside down? Strange right? Ever since I came across this interesting piece of news I have been trying to imagine it in my head. Is it really possible to live in a house where every department of the building including the furniture are completely upside down? Read this article to learn more about this wonder.

Sometimes in life it’s hard to keep your feet on the ground. But a fully-furnished, three-story house in Taiwan built completely upside down is sending tourists on a topsy turvy ride.

Turns out you don’t need to take a trip to outer space or learn how to fly to start defying gravity. In fact, all you need to do is take a trip to Taiwan.
The “Upside Down Wonderland Exhibition” is the newest (and most inverted) exhibition at the the National Taiwan Science Education Center, located in Taipei.

At just over 1,000 square feet, the home is furnished with real-size furniture and furnishings, all tightly screwed and built on to the ceiling.


This American-country style home is 3 stories high (or low, in this case) and includes a living room, bathroom, bedroom and even a garage (and yes, there is 100 percent a car stuck to the ceiling).


Everything– from the kitchen sink, to a double bed, dining table, fully fitted bathroom, a fireplace– even a car — have been fixed to the ceilings.  A group of architects on commission from Taiwan’s Culture Department designed the colorful home.


Close attention was paid to details, which include the food on the dinner table to how utensils hang vertically in the kitchen.  There’s even a computer in the study has yellow sticky notes attached to it.


With just over 3,229 square feet of floor space, hundreds of tourists have been flocking to see the house. An outdoor staircase at ground level leads to the third-floor living room where visitors can see the real appliances, an LCD screen of a cozy fire with working lights throughout.


Photo-taking tourists who appear to be standing on the ceiling pose for pictures, pretending to place shoes on the ceiling or clear up plates on the dinner table above their head.

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The house took around 2 months to build, its expense totaling nearly $600K in production. It’s truly something out of a storybook or animated movie, and it’s no surprise that visitors have been lining up by the hundreds in an attempt to get inside the house and take pictures.

An upside down house isn’t a new concept.  In Poland there’s a house in Szymbark where visitors can go all year around and in Moscow the All-Russian Exhibition Center  is built to resemble a typical European summerhouse -except it’s upside down.


The project is on display until July 22 at the Huashan Creative Park, a site that was once a Japanese plum wine factory but has been turned into an arty warehouse with hip restaurants and a theater showing independent films.

How can someone live in such house successfully? It still beats my imagination! Have been thinking of where to spend my next vacation…I guess I have a place now.

Credit: Fox News & aol.com

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