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OGUN promises completion of Sango-Akute road

The authorities of Ogun State have explained that on-going construction of the 40 kilometre-Sango-Akute-Ojodu Abiodun Road in Ado- Odo/Ota and Ifo local government areas was slowed down due to persistent rainfall.

The State’s Commissioner for Works and Infrastructure, Mr. Olamilekan Adegbite, an architect, made this known in Abeokuta last week said, embarking on the construction in the face of unfriendly weather would be a waste of resources, “not only money, but also efforts, because whatever we put on the road could be easily washed away”.

The Commissioner who disclosed that project is currently between 50-55 per cent completion, stated that the road was awarded in segments; with first 10 kilometres designed to accommodate five flyover bridges.

“The road was conceptualized in 2011, but construction proper commenced last year. Besides, the axis is a highly populated area, hence, the need to do proper evaluation in a way that we would not create problem for the affected residents that we are out to serve”, said Adegbite.

He added that a new dimension has been introduced to the construction of the road because of the low line terrain of Sango Ota, which holds a lot of water. “This peculiar nature of the axis requires a concrete base that would ensure not only its durability, but also to have the necessary facilities. Rigid concrete base is going to be used on Sango Ota – Akute – Ojodu Abiodun axis, because of its water logged nature, after which thin layer of asphalt would be applied.

He said most of the works done during the raining season are prefabrication of beams, but concrete and other aspects of construction work would commence as soon as rainfall subsides.

The road, when completed will be an ‘Ogun Standard’ road with features such as standard drainage on both sides, median, street lights, walk way, green belt and toll plazas as well as 12 pedestrian bridges.

Credit: Guardian Newspaper

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