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online real estate platforms in Nigeria

Making the best of online real estate platforms in Nigeria

Gone are the days when people had to roam about the street aimlessly in the bid to find suitable apartments for rent. With the advent of e-commerce, even houses for rent can be transacted via some of the various online real estate platforms in Nigeria.

However, to find an apartment for rent or sale anywhere in Lagos, you should have trusted links you can visit to help with your search. While Google is fine for the search, you should be careful so as not to stumble on an unreliable online agent.

To make best use of online real estate platforms, you should find the following tips useful.


  1. Define what you want ahead of your search

Instead of window-shopping around real estate websites, you should first define what type of apartment suits you; whether a 2 or 3 bedroom flat, boys-quarter or self-contain.

  1. Determine your budget

Before you go ahead with your house search, you should determine how much you are willing to spend. This helps you avoid confusion and helps save your time while hunting for an apartment online.

  1. Decide on a trusted online real estate platform to use

There is a growing number of online real estate firms in Nigeria, hence, you should be wary of doing your search on just anyone. You should make your choice based on the feedback people have made on the site; the availability of profiles of each agent online; and testimonials about deals that have been done successful in the past.

  1. Book an Inspection

It is not enough to view pictures of the property online but also go see for yourself. Most online real estate platforms provide the option to book an inspection. Never make payment online for a property you’ve not inspected.

Finally, online house search has come to stay and you can make the best use of it given the above ways listed out.

There is an array of online real estate platforms in Nigeria for sale rent and lease you can choose from.


– Daniel Shodamola


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