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container housing

People are beginning to talk about container housing, would you live in one?

Container housing is not a new trend but we recently found out people are beginning to talk about how to live comfortably in it.

Considering the kind of weather we have in Nigeria, a lot of people might not consider a container house fit for living.

Hence, we carried out a survey to hear people’s opinion about what could hinder this innovation in Nigeria.

Here are the interesting comments below

Amusan said it’s a good idea if it’s properly constructed considering the fact that getting a land would be out of the way. “It is cost effective”, he said.

Chibueze laid emphasis on security. He said his major concern is that security might not be strong enough unlike in the regular houses.

Susan thinks container housing is more secured than regular houses in the sense that it is made of strong metals unlike cement and blocks that could break. She also said that scaffolding is a luxury now and it is fast to put together.

Adegoke said containerized buildings are very beautiful. He told us he and his friend Mayowa once slept in a hotel made of one in Abuja and by mere looking at the structure, you won’t know it was made from container.

Mayowa and Adegoke said it is very conducive as long as you can have a 24hour electricity supply.

Our survey made us realise that  a lot of people misconstrue container housing for a mobile home. Most of them told us they would love to get one because, the issue of buying a land would be out of the way.

This survey has really been helpful and kept us in the know of reasons why some people are being laid back in the issue of building houses.

Would you still consider buying a container house after reading this?


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