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How To Prepare Your Home For Rainy Season In Nigeria

How To Prepare Your Home For Rainy Season In Nigeria

Depending on where you live in Nigeria, you may be subject to occasional bouts of heavy rain that could potentially damage or ruin your home if proper precautions aren’t taken.

So learn how to prepare your home for the rainy season in order to keep your family safe and also save yourself some repair costs.

Here are couple of areas to keep in mind and work on ahead of the rainy season:

Check and fix your roof

To avoid costly problems, ensure that you occasionally inspect your roof. It pays to do this way before the rainy season has started, because this gives you ample time to carry out some necessary repairs.

Look for cracks along the ridge of your roof and where your roofing sheets fold over each other. Inspect the valleys of your roof (the area of your roof with a downward slope).

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Also be on the lookout for rusty parts or holes in your roofing sheets. Make sure that no part of your roof is needlessly flapping open.

Replace any in that condition that you find as soon as possible so as to avoid moisture leaks inside your home that can weaken your wall and ceilings.

Keep the drainage in and around the house clean

Take a look at your pipes to make sure that they drain well and don’t cause water to back up.

Also make sure that there are no sand or trash gathering in your gutters, hindering the smooth flow of water.

This is an easy way for streets to get flooded when there’s persistent and heavy rain. Be sure to clear your gutters at least once a week during the course of the rainy season.

Rid the house of moisture

With each rainy season comes a damp feeling for the unprepared household.

Inside your home, check out your ceilings to make sure that you are not experiencing signs of roof or other leakage. Be on the lookout for water rings, mold or wall or ceiling discoloration. Make necessary repairs to fix the issue and prevent it from happening again.

Clear the shrubs & grass 

If you leave in an area where trees, grass and shrubs are a common sight, it is advisable to always keep them trimmed during this rainy season.

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This is because snakes tend to enjoy this weather just as much as you. So get your cutlass (or lawnmower) and cut any grown grass around you. There’ll be no hiding place for these poisonous creatures. Your family will thank you for it.

Tend to any electrical issue

It is advisable not to keep any naked wire laying around anytime during this season.

If you have observed any faulty or warn-out wiring, it is best you call an electrician to fix these as soon as possible. The last thing you want is anyone getting electrocuted or shocked when an heavy rain comes.

Fix Faulty Doors & Windows

Another step to take in preparation for the rainy season is to check out your doors and windows. Make sure that both close and seal properly, and make any repairs or improvements as necessary.

We hope you have found this article helpful, and can go ahead to prepare your home accordingly for the rainy season.

If you think we have left any valuable tip out, kindly share it with other readers via the comment section.


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