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Would you rather live in Lagos or Abuja?

Would you rather live in Lagos or Abuja?

There has always been controversy between Lagos and Abuja residents over which city is the most conducive to reside. Those who live in both cities never cease to share their varied opinions about this.

Abuja residents always claim to be more classy and calmer than Lagosians while Lagosians on the other hand claim to be the heart of the nation.

We at NREH carried out this survey to get facts about these arguments.

This is what people have to say

Seun Joseph said “Abuja is the real deal, who noisy Lagos help”

Lekan said “Abuja lo le se joor. There are too many slay queens in Lagos that won’t make me concentrate on my promising life. Lagos ba wo? Me I want to reap the fruits of my labour o!”

This is what Ezereonwu has to say “I got searched today at the border like I was a criminal. The money I managed to sneak out of my purse 3000 CFA, some idiots tried to steal it but I voiced out my anger. This country is becoming a hell hole but I love Naija Sha. I dey okoko now for one bar dey chill like idiot wey just come from Ghana”. Lol, we guess this man really needs that chilled drink.

Olu Fish said he has not been to Lagos since 2013 or so, he has been in Abuja since then

“Lagos? I no get the strength” he said.

Tayo Fasaun however has a contrary opinion about the two states. He said Lagos and Abuja are the two places he hates the most in Nigeria.

Udeolisa said Lagos is in her blood, the thought of it makes her sick but she needs to leave this Lagos

Alao said he was born and bred in Lagos but stayed in Abuja for just four years and doesn’t wish to come to Lagos. He later opined that if you don’t have money in abundance you cannot enjoy Abuja

Ayodele said he loves Lagos but prefers to live in Ibadan or Edo state

Lagos finally has a die-hard fan. Longe said he has lived in Lagos and Abuja all his life but he prefers Lagos.

Another fan of Abuja, Ben Odoh said “Abuja all the way because it is cool and calm not like that rough Lagos where people do nothing but rob each other. I also heard that workers wake up by 12:30am in order to beat traffic just to get to their workplace on time coupled with other factors that can stress them out. I have never been to Lagos for once and I never pray to”.

Okonoboh, Olumide and Adeleke are die-hard fans of Lagos. They said they always miss the state once they leave and can’t wait to come back

Sandra said “Abuja every day! “

“I can’t deal with the madness called Lagos”

With this survey, we can categorically say that Abuja residents have majority of the votes. This is not to discountenance the fact that Lagos is also a beautiful city but preference matters.

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