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Real Estate Seminar: Debo Adejana Sets sail for 2018 in February Seminar

For a lot of people, 2017 was a funny year. To some, the year had not even started by the time it ended. It was such a sprint, a year better forgotten than remembered.  To some still celebrating that they made it that year, it’s a case of all Gold glitters but not all that glitters is gold.  A number of people had it really good though.

A friend of mine, Tayo Odunsi likened Nigeria’s economy in 2017 to a phenomenon in Nuclear Physics called Escape Velocity. That is, the minimum speed required for an object to remain in motion without being stopped by the earth’s gravitational pull.

Most going concern barely remained as such during the year.

2018 must not be so for you, especially if you are a major player in the Real Estate industry. My first real esseminar in 2018 is tailored to help exhume the opportunities and explore how we can tap into them while identifying the odds and mitigating against them. We will be using the pain points of 2017, trend watching and projecting into 2018 using well researched information.

Attendees will leave the seminar fully kitted for the Real estate industry world in 2018.

And there will be other bonuses that can serve as main meal on a good day as I will be pointing out emerging investment destinations and vehicles to explore for a great rally in the year.

There are grounds to gain and baggage to leave on the tarmac of your past if your goal is to make 2018 a resounding success.


Make it a date with the MD/CEO, Realty Point Limited, Debo Adejana this February as he gives you useful insights on the real estate market in 2018.

Theme:                                 Real Estate in 2018: The Opportunities And The Odds”

Date:                                     Saturday, February 10, 2018.

Time:                                    10 am prompt

Seminar Venue:               REALTY PLACE, 3, Olaide Benson Street (opposite Deeper Life Church), Onigbongbo, Maryland, Lagos.

There are very limited seats available at the seminar hall.

FEE: N5000 (N7500 from February 7, 2018)

Please make payment to 0007754736 (GTB) Realty Point Limited.

Send your name, number and email to 08093930651 after payment to confirm your seat at the seminar. You can also call the same number for more information.

Make hay while the sun shines! Don’t miss out!

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