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Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps

Top 6 Viable Reasons Why Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps Was Formed

Lagos State has officially launched the re-branded Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps (LNSC). This article addresses top 6 viable reasons why the security and safety outfit was established.

In a ceremony at the Agege Stadium, Agege, on Monday, 27th March, 2017, the Lagos State Government officially launched the Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps. However, since the establishment of the new Neighbourhod safety corps, there have been indications by observers and some members of the general public that there seems to be no form of distinction between the Regular Police and the new LNSC.

Ambode launches new Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps at Agege Stadium

This article hopes to clear the belief by a section of the public that the rebranded security and safety outfit is in some form of competition with the Nigerian Police Force. Here are the top 6 viable reasons why the re-branded Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps was formed.

1. The Security of Lives and Property is Non-Negotiable

The Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps was formed not to take over the duties of the Nigeria Police Force but to stop the over-reliance on the Police to ensure the security of lives and properties which is the paramount responsibility of any government to the citizens. The LNSC has been designed to provide a second layer of policing in order to ensure that the state and communities are more secure.

Invariably, the core duty of this group is to ensure that all persons within the state are free to participate in their normal social and economic life without molestation, fear, let or hindrance.

Therefore when it comes to the security of lives and property, no measure taken by the government can or should be seen as not necessary because security of lives and property is non-negotiable.

2. Job Creation

Job creation is at the heart of economic prosperity and the Lagos state government have proven over time that they remain fully committed to a more prosperous Lagos for the citizens. The creation of Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps will once again ensure that thousands of unemployed Lagosians become gainfully employed

3. Protection on Properties and Infrastructures

The Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps will also ensure that the incident of destruction of public property and infrastructures is brought to its barest minimum while also ensuring that culprits are brought to book

4. Prompt Asisstance to Accident Victims

Though there is a Federal agency saddled with the duty of prompt assistance to accident victims, having a group charged with this duty within the state is not so much. This should in no way whatsoever hinder the activities of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA).

5. Crime Detection and Intelligence

Going by the words of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, “the Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps are expected to assist and complement the Police by providing useful intelligence for crime prevention and to facilitate the arrest of perpetrators of criminal activities in our communities,”

Hence, the rebranded Neighbourhood Corps have been trained and equipped with the requisite knowledge and skills to complement the good work of the Nigerian Police. They have also been saddled with the responsibility of disarming unauthorized persons in possession of arms and other dangerous weapons, gathering and making available intelligence security report to relevant authorities, timely report of suspicious activities, crimes in progress, crime suspects among other things.

6. Maintenance of Peace Within Communities

The maintenance of peace within communities is another responsibility of the Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps. The LNSC will provide relevant grass root information that will enhance the understanding of the Police on how to be effective within the community; encourage harmony and peaceful coexistence within the community.

Governor Ambode has made  it abundantly clear that the Neighbourhood Safety Corps is not in any way in competition with the regular Police Force. Abeit, it has been charged to become a model community safety agency that is committed to a safe, secure and conducive environment.

Though the idea may be seen as a laudable one, the Lagos State Government should ensure that the members of LNSC don’t overstep their boundaries and then go on to cause more harm than good



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  1. Gbengs Adebamiro

    Good morning all, it is a thing of joy when you see someone like Gov. Ambode, having the people that vote for him @ heart it show this man is a good person. i real appreciate is effort as a Lagosian. please dont get tired God will continue to get you wisdom in Jesus name…

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