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Erecting illegal structures in Festac

‘Replicating Festac Town Is No Longer Feasible’ – Bode Adedeji

Former President, Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers (NIESV)  Bode Adediji has said replicating FESTAC town is no longer feasible.

He said what the government needed to do is to have the right policy and enabling environment for the private sector to thrive in the real estate sector by liberalising land and property ownership through the reduction of bureaucracy and other associated costs.

Adediji, who is also and Managing Partner Bode Adediji Partnership, urged the government to formulate policies that would make what he called ‘indigenous Nigerian housing’ possible through the manipulation of locally available materials by research institutes to make housing affordable to the populace.

He further called for the resuscitation of moribund brick factories scattered around the country since the administration of President Shehu Shagari to reduce the cost of housing construction should not be too expensive for the average Nigeria.

He said: “There should be tailor-made Nigeria housing scheme, as a country we have not re-engineered ourselves our taste to having indigenous housing. In the United States for instance, most houses are built with wood and other materials but here we are stuck with brick and mortar. We can’t possibly bridge the housing gap if there is no deliberate policy shift in design and construction method including our taste.”

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The former NIESV chief criticised the dumping of fake and substandard building materials into the country, calling on the regulatory authorities to protect the nation’s economy by discouraging the importation of such material.

On security of tenure, Adediji criticised the government for not doing enough to protect the rights of individuals who buy land from land speculators.

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