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‘Revoke Land Use Act’ – ex-NIESV boss

Ex-president of the Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers (NIESV), Mr Bode Adediji, has called for the revocation of the Land Use Act (LUA), saying its presence has withheld the progress of the nation’s housing sector.

Mr Adediji made this known in a recent chat with the media where he also opined that only policies backed by appropriate actions would really help to take the nation’s housing sector forward.

“For as long as we don’t have the political will to overhaul the Land-Use Act, which today constitutes an impediment on access to land and affordable houses for Nigerians, all pronouncements regarding the housing delivery system being on track are simply political or gibberish,” he said.

Speaking further, the seasoned property consultant said “until a sizeable proportion of our revenue as a nation is channelled to the real sector of our economy in particular, finance that is oxygen to development would never be available or adequate.”

He also called for ‘credible housing scheme’ which he insisted was necessary to bridge the housing gap between the rich and the poor.

“A credible housing programme must cut across all social classes and in most cases, should be inward driven, rather than external dependent on massive importation of building materials,” he said.

“Nigeria as a nation is not self sufficient in producing local housing materials but only dependent on importation of such materials. We lack the capacity to produce sufficient housing materials to improve the sector for optimum growth,” he stated.

Credit: Guardian

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