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When is the right age to buy a house in Nigeria

When Is The Right Age To Buy A House In Nigeria?

In your honest opinion, when do you think is the right age to buy a house? At what point in life should an individual begin to consider acquiring a land and building his first house?

This is an issue i would be addressing today, so take your time to digest this article carefully. Buying a house, is one of, if not the most significant investment most people make in their lifetimes.

Firstly, i would like to state that there is technically no “right” age to buy a house.

The phrase ‘The sooner the better’  is often being thrown around in a lot of steps we take in our lives. But, this phrase could confuse a potential real estate investor. On one hand, those in their mid-20s to 30s are sometimes encouraged to consider the option to buy a house due to the availability of spare money, while on the other hand, those in late-40s or early-50s consider real estate as a liability of a lifetime.

However, it is wise to recognize where you are in life and you financial capabilities as you decide whether or not to buy.

So, what is the ideal age to buy a house?  Enjoy this quick insight.

When Should You Buy A House?

Buying a home can benefit you at any age, young or old, as long as the conditions are right.

You might be ready to buy when, at a bare minimum, you:

  1. Can afford the monthly payments and expenses of home ownership
  2. Can get approved for a good loan (or better yet, pay cash)
  3. Plan to keep the home long enough to recoup transaction costs from buying and selling
  4. Can afford the risks, including surprise maintenance expenses
  5. Are ready for the responsibility of owning and maintaining a home

So you see, as long as you’re able to confidently answer these questions, then your decision to buy a house shouldn’t be questioned.

To make things clearer, let us take a look at a number of reasons why you should buy a house when younger or why you should wait till when you’re older.

Why you should buy a house at a younger age

This is the time when an individual starts earning and has spare money even after saving a part of it. If you can swing it, homeownership in your twenties or thirties brings many advantages.

If you have the ability and desire to buy young, here are guaranteed benefits attached to that decision:

For starters, money spent on rent is lost forever, and you don’t even get a refund when you decide to leave before the rent is due. When you buy a house, you’re actually investing in your future,

Build wealth: Assuming things go well, owning a home is a route to increasing your net worth. The “forced savings” of your monthly payments help you build equity in the property, which you can use for another property or other goals. Instead of giving 100 percent of your monthly housing payment to a landlord, you “save” a portion of each payment.

Value appreciation: There is no guarantee that your home will gain value, but that is what happens in many cases—over the long term. Real estate can help hedge against inflation, assuming your property keeps pace with rising prices. Especially in strong markets with plenty of potential, value appreciation might contribute to your wealth accumulation.

A place of your own: When you own a home, you’re in charge. You can customize the look to suit your style, make improvements that add value, and grow deeper roots in the community you live in.

Why you should wait till when you’re older.

If you’re not feeling rushed, that’s okay. Sometimes postponing the decision to buy a house can be a good thing, too.

Waiting to buy can pay off in several ways.

More certainty: As you get older, you develop a clearer picture of your ideal home. The future is always uncertain, but you gain more information about several factors as you age:

  • Your work location, or your ability to work remotely
  • Your income available for housing payments
  • The size of your family, if any

Financial strength: Most (but not all) people earn more as they get older. As you enter your higher-earning years, it’s easier to buy exactly what you want—without making major sacrifices.

Instead of being “house poor” and dealing with your property in your 20s and 30s, you can spend those years saving for a big down payment, traveling, or doing anything else you want.

In Conclusion

When it comes down to figuring out what age is best to own a home, the answer depends more on financial stability and life circumstances rather than a specific age.

From young to old, responsible and financially secure adults are at a good age to buy a home. The best age to buy a house comes down to whether you can afford the house payments and have a solid credit history (if you want to go the mortgage route), and are sure that you will be committed to living in one area for at least a few years.

However, if you’re anxious to start early, get help from real estate experts who can explain your best options.

You can reach out to Realty Point Limited today, they have capable professionals who can offer you the kind of guidance you need in making a decision as big as this.

They can help you decide if the time is right to buy by providing expert guidance and a wide variety of affordable housing offers fit for your current income range.











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