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Schools in mosques is not a bad idea – Kano Commisioner

According to Vanguard News, mosques in the northern part of the country may soon be converted to schools…

The suggestion by the Emir of Kano, Malam Muhammadu Sanusi II, that northern governors should consider converting mosques to schools is a welcome idea that could boost educational opportunities in the region, the Kano State Information, Mohammed Garba, has said.

Garba, who was reacting to the suggestion by the Emir on Tuesday, pointed out that the advocacy was a welcome idea, which falls within the tenets of the Islamic religion.

According to the commissioner, the whole essence of the Islamic religion was rooted in the Arabic word ‘Ikrah’, which means ‘read’ and provision of knowledge. “This was one of the messages sent to Prophet Mohammed and by implications, it means that all should read and understand better and as such using the mosque for learning would be a step in the right direction. “What the Emir has suggested is good and in accordance with the tenets of Islam and in line with the quest to create more opportunities for people to actualise their educational desire,” the commissioner said.

Garba said the use of mosque to read and learn would not only raise the standards of education but would also increase opportunities for teaching and learning. It will be recalled that at the graduation ceremony of 2,500 Post Graduate Diploma and NCE teachers on day three of Kano Basic Education week, Emir Sanusi had argued that the step would save cost in this era of recession.

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