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#ShelterMatters: How Can Peace Be Maintained In A Public Compound?

#ShelterMatters: How Can Peace Be Maintained In A Public Compound?

In a typical commercial Lagos household or even in Nigeria as a whole, Its normal for us to have minimum of 2 to 3 tenants in a decent compound. There are houses with 8 – 10 tenants which in any case doesn’t make them totally indecent.

Our topic of discussion today is not the number of tenants allowed in a particular house rather how these tenants, no matter how many they are, can live in peace in a particular compound.

Just last week, several news of domestic violence among tenants and house owners hit the media. A tenant stabbed a fellow tenant who happens to be pregnant for asking for a loan pay back while another lady battered her landlady over marijuana.

Most times we are being told to mind our business and maintain some certain level of boundary as regards the way we relate with our co tenants, however, is this really the way forward?

Are we not meant to live in peace and harmony with co-tenants and owners of the houses we rent.

If we decide to stay away in order to avoid domestic hazards like the ones mentioned above, how do we get to be our brother’s keeper? How do we know when our neighbor needs urgent attention and care?

In the on going fight against insurgency, security bodies and agencies have advised harmony and close vigilance among citizens of the country to fish out the strangers among us. If we do not work hand in hand in harmony, how do you think this fight can be achieved? Do we go from citizens of the same country to total strangers just to let peace reign in our immediate surrounding?

We would love to hear your opinion. How Can Peace Be Maintained In A Public Compound?

Share your opinion with us via the comment box below or using the hashtag – #ShelterMatters on various social media platform.


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