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#ShelterMatters – Who is to blame for the flood in Nigeria, Govt or Citizens?

Flooding of urban and rural dwellings remains a major problem during the rainy season in most parts of Nigeria. This is mainly caused by very poor drainage infrastructure and inevitably leads to impossible living conditions for the inhabitants of the area as well as destructive erosion problems.

Some of us do have heavy flood experiences we would not want to recall/relive

A flood is an overflow of water that submerges land which is usually dry. News on flood disasters such as:

Gombe residents count losses as flood sacks communities5,495 houses, 37,610 hectares of farmland were affected by flood in Kebbi – NEMA, Flood washes ‘all manner of snakes’ into Plateau community, Over 40 houses submerged in Edo by flood

And much more keep making rounds in the news and you wonder what is really going on. Today on #shelterMatters we want to know who is to blame for this menace; The Government or The people?

We can choose to say the government is not doing enough when it comes to proper town planning and proper drainage, however, when you dispose your dirts just anywhere, thereby blocking the little drainage available, won’t you gladly take the blame?

Albeit the system not having proper waste management procedure still throws it all back to the government.

Do you remember the floods of 2012 that took place in Nigeria?

The 2012 Flood was caused by so many vices and dumping of refuses in the poor drainages which blocks the system is one of such. The drainage systems are constructed to allow the free flow of water but when refuse is dumped in it, it blocks the passage of water which subsequently causes flood endangering humans and their environment.

drainage blocked

Remember that pure water sachet nylon you dropped on your way home yesterday?

Remember the plastic bottle you threw out of your car while driving last week?

All that was washed straight into the gutter and caused major obstruction in the path meant for water, thereby causing an overflow.

I will rather not be the judge here. #ShelterMatters will like to have your views on this flood issue. These flash floods are sometimes fatal, especially in the rural areas or overcrowded slums, where drainage is poor or does not exist at all.

We got mixed reactions from people: Biola who resides in Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria, just as many others we approached, agreed that the government as much as the citizens are to blame for the situation at hand.

Olalekan was of the opinion, that the government and citizens are to blame but more blame to the government, in his argument, he believed there is no proper/available means of waste disposal hence the more reason citizens would consciously or unconsciously drop their dirts anywhere.

Join us on the online forum – #shelterMatters with the hashtag #ShelterMatters to air your opinion and experience.

Who is to blame for the flood in Nigeria, Govt or Citizens?

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