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Stay Informed and Get Educated!

There is no business under the sun that thrives without information or a knowledge base of what the business entails. This piece talks about the essence of getting educated and staying informed!

To succeed in real estate business and every other business it is expedient that you stay informed and be well educated about the rudiments of the business in question; trends, new developments, what’s en vogue and what has become obsolete, new grounds and the competition at hand.

As an individual, even amid my busy schedule around work and family, I make a cautious effort to read as much as I can at any time available to me and I endeavour to read extensively. I also try to come in contact with the ‘who is who’ in my real estate enterprise. I do ensure that I move along with the movers and shakers of the real estate industry essentially to be well informed with the latest happenings and developments that exist; people that are aware of the fast-pace and rapid changes in the industry. These people would indirectly ensure that I stay afloat on the real estate ocean such that where I’m lagging behind they will offer the necessary assistance.

Other ways I ensure that I stay atop my real estate business is attending trainings, seminars, spending money on books and listening to a number of materials. Invariably, I combine both formal and informal training.

More so, in getting educated and staying well-informed, it is important that no aspect of education or no knowledge base is relegated to the background. At the moment, I am writing a professional exam, however most people can’t come to terms with the fact that Debo is making efforts to get educated when he seems to have varying wealth of experience and certification.

Why would I want to still saddle myself with the onus of an exam after coming thus far in my real estate business? Why would I still want to go to school to validate my practice?

So many questions begging for answers but the truth is that I’m not only going to school to validate my practice as it were, I’m going to school to stay informed, know the facts, keep abreast and equip myself with what’s necessary to stay ahead of the game in my real estate business. To be a professional you have to be entirely good at what you do in every level possible and if going back to school is one of the steps in achieving that objective, then go ahead.

I was with some group of friends in the same business with me the other day, and one of the gists that drew our fancy was the opportunities we lost in the past. It was posited that if we had diversified our level of operations at some point in our business we would have moved up the ladder at that point in our lives, and that’s what we’ve been trying our hands at within the last 2-3 years.

We’ve come to realize that there is that difference between us and the people who had identified the same things we are doing now at that point in our lives. There are a lot of reasons that we could attribute to the lapses we unconsciously suffered in the early days of business but the notable ones could probably be lack of foresight, ignorance, not weighing our strength and lack of knowledge of trending things. All these put together took us off radar those years.

Therefore it is essential that you stay educated and informed; you cannot afford to be dormant in an industry that you want to make a worthy venture out of. Either formal or informal education, both are useful in acquiring knowledge and staying informed.

Generally, within your area of business you need to derive the expertise required to excel in your business; no knowledge is lost. Moreover, you will come out better at every level of education you surpass. Learning never really stops, so don’t ever assume you know it all.

There will always be something new to learn about just as there is always something to write about. I’m still learning and it will definitely be that way till thy kingdom comes.

Therefore, staying educated and well informed is one of the ropes you must learn to succeed in real estate business.

Debo Adejana
MD/CEO Realty Point Ltd

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