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Top 10 Strangest Hotel Rooms In The World

There are many strange occurrences in the world we live in today. Every day humans develop new ideas, some of which bring advancement while some add to the mysteries inherent in our world. There are a couple of buildings, bridges and other structures in the world whose designs appear strange. Mere looking at such buildings, you can’t help but wonder what was going on in the mind of the designers when the idea for the building was conceived. Today, we are taking a critical look at the top 1o strangest hotel rooms in the world.

Here are the top 10 strangest hotel rooms in the world:

1. Madonna Inn Resort and Spa, San Luis Obispo, CA


You could sleep in a different room at this hotel for 110 nights and never have the same experience. The Caveman Room is a room of solid rock. Hotel literature promises that “a waterfall spills from overhead in the stone shower and water flows from the rocks into a stone sink basin in the cavern-style bathroom.”

2.  Hang Nga Guesthouse, Dalat, Vietnam


Dubbed “The Crazy House” during its construction, this bizarre guesthouse is the creation of Vietnamese architect Dang Viet Nga. The most common description is “Gaudi meets Disneyland,” with more than a little of Dali thrown in. The Bear Room has only a slight lead over the Kangaroo Room for weirdness.

3.  Hotel Kaklasutten, ‪Saariselka, Finland


Designed to admire the Northern Lights, these glass igloos will keep you warm even in the deepest of winter nights. The hotel also has log cabins and traditional snow igloos, but our money is on being able to stare at the sky when nights are longest.

4. Hotel Costa Verde, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica


This hotel on the west coast of Costa Rica features a Boeing 727 “fuselage home”. The pimp pad has an ocean view terrace, a private entrance up a river rock, spiral staircase, and a 360-degree view of the surrounding gardens.

5. V8 Hotel, Stuttgart, Germany


It’s impossible to photograph any room here and not have the picture turn out badass. Each car-obsessed room is done with great detail and quirk. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another hotel room in the world that looks like the inside of a car wash.

6. Magic Mountain Hotel, Huilo-Huilo, Chile



The rooms of this hotel are built into an artificial mountain, which is topped off by a waterfall that blows like a volcano. You’ll have to cross a monkey bridge to get to the structure.

7. Desert Cave Hotel, Coober Pedy, South Australia


Not only is the town’s hotel largely underground, but so are many of its homes. Located in the Outback’s desert, staying beneath the ground is one of the only ways to beat the blazing heat.


8. Hotel de Glace, Quebec City, Canada


Your night at Hotel de Glace includes a Nordic sleeping bag. If the concept is a bit too overwhelming, don’t worry. Your booking also includes a bed at the Four Points Sheraton.

9. Palacio de Sal, Uyuni, Bolivia


A hotel straight out of the shaker, Palacio de Sal is completely made of salt. Its salted ceilings give the rooms a quarry-like vibe.

10. La Balade des Gnomes, Durbuy, Belgium


Each of the 10 rooms at this converted farmhouse serve as wild interpretations of some kind of classic tale. You’ll need to open the drawbridge in order to enter The Trojan Horse suite.

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