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The BROUHAHA of OGA MARTINS 2.0 | Chapter 12

The BROUHAHA of OGA MARTINS 2.0 | Chapter 12

Martins was now at crossroads, his mind was in a state of hullabaloo. After his fall out with Aisha he couldn’t go back to the office. Fortunately for him he had someone to confide in when he got to his temporary accommodation after his sour meeting with Aisha. Deji had just being left off the hook following Stella’s recovery and her confessional statement. Like a bird who escaped from his captors, Deji was free again from the shackles of the men in black, or is it blue now?

Martins breathe an air of relief when Deji told him a day prior to his release that neither he nor Akon would be charged to court for attempted murder or assault. Stella had conceded defeat to her Calabar rival and had resigned to her fate though she still mourned her loss. It had already been established that Akon was hell-bent on burning down anything that stood between her and Deji, so Stella stood no chance with Deji not even in the afterlife.

Martins had got home that evening expecting an empty house as usual but his expectations were cut short when he opened the door leading to Deji’s cozy sitting room to meet a rejuvenated Deji and an elated Akon in the living room. The lovebirds were seated opposite each other on one of the 2-seater sofa in the living room making small talks. It was like their relationship just began anew.

“Wow! Deji is that really you? You are back from the land of the forgotten?” Martins exclaimed

“You can say that again” An excited Akon stated.

“Welcome home brother, how was work today?” Deji added, making his presence felt.

“Martins, you are back early. I guess there was no traffic today” Akon interjected before Martins could reply Deji

“Indeed! The day traffic ceases in Lagos then you know Boko Haram have begun operations here” Deji said jokingly

“Then that day will never come” Akon added

“Baby, why does that sound like a curse?” Deji’s question elicit mild giggles from the duo

“Which day are we talking about now, the day traffic would cease in Lagos or when Boko Haram will begin operations here?” Martins finally finds his tongue

“Both will happen on the same day, so we have to pray against both happening”

Deji’s response kindles laughter from the trio. Deji rises from his seat as he walked towards his friend. They shook hands then Martins gave him a warm embrace.

“Good to have you back bro…” Martins said

“Same here man and thanks for the support”

“Don’t mention. What are friends for? We got each others’ back right?”

“Of course” Deji stops to take a closer look at Martins. “What’s up with you? You look worried. Is it work?”

Martins nods his head

“You want to talk about it?”

“I guess I can use some advice?”


Deji turns to Akon ”Can you give us a moment boo?”

“Don’t tell me your friend wants to come between us again?” Akon asked frowning

“Hey, come off it goddess, you will have him all to yourself after now” Martins responded jokingly.

Akon grumbles as she rises from her seat. “Run along and stop been a toddler already” Deji said poking her waist.

She giggles as she pretends to be throwing tantrums. “Yes Daddy!”

“Don’t worry, Baby will have the rest of the evening with Daddy”

Akon wears a smile of victory on her face as she walked into the room she shared with Deji, by this time Martins had settled into the sofa. Deji joins him moments later

“So what seems to be the problem?” Deji asked

“I lost my client to Ada?”

“I don’t get. You lost your client or you lost the million naira deal?” Deji asked befuddled.

“We are saying the same thing Deji”

“You lost the million naira deal to your boss?” Deji is shocked at Martins’ revelation


“With all that money?”

“Na so we see am oh! Ada played a fast one on me and knowing men for their weakness, my client switched camps”

“You mean Ada seduced him to get her in on the deal or she seduced you?” Deji is not convinced.

“Deji, why are you talking like this now? It’s not about me, it’s my client that broke the clients code”

“Shebi you see wetin I dey fight you for all these years. Martins you no just sharp, everything no be book oh. How you go allow babe they run you down naa?”

“Deji I didn’t let you in on the matter to further compound my woes. I need your advice.”

“Oh, you need my advice now ba? When I told you, you were making a terrible mistake trusting your boss, did my opinion count then? Now you need my advice when the deed is already done. Who buys a fire extinguisher after his property has been razed by fire?”

“I guess that’s me…Martins”

“You right. So what do you want to do to remedy the situation? Hope you’ve reported the matter?”

“Not yet”

“Why now?”

“Deji you see, the problem I’m facing right now is not even Ada’s deceit; my main dilemma is that, Aisha-the person that secretly gave the client my contact has refused to help me out of the situation.”

“Wait a minute! Aisha knows this client too?”

“Yes naa, she referred him to me.”

“I don’t understand. And you didn’t know he came from Aisha?”

“Not until recently”

“If I remember well enough, this is the third time Aisha is helping you out on a deal, right?” Deji asked puzzled.

“Yes oh”

“Yet, some years back the same Aisha promised to pay you back in your own coin for a sin you committed against humanity that made sure she had an extra in school”

“Against humanity? Deji are you kidding me? why are you being melodramatic?”

“Oh, so you don’t know that what you did back then in school didn’t only affect Aisha. Martins, about 10 students had extra years because of your over-zealousness”

“Oh my God!”

“See this one, so na only Aisha own you see. You know how many people been they beef you that year that’s if they aren’t the reason for the calamity that has befallen your life since we left Ibadan-Poly.”

“Please Deji stop been superstitious”

“Anyways, has the paperwork been finalized? Has he made payments?”


“No, not yet but he would do that before the week runs out. It can even be tomorrow self” Martins said dejectedly

“Then talk to Aisha about it naa, before it becomes too late, since you said he knows the client”

“Aisha doesn’ want to have anything to do with me again. We had a disagreement some hours ago at her office.”


“Yes. She thinks I’m probing”

Were you?”

“I guess…”

“Why? “

“Look Deji, I didn’t tell you that Aisha and Ada have a history none of them wants to talk about and I also think Aisha may be having an affair with the client I lost “

“Aisha having an affair with the big shot?”

“Yes, just like I suspected she was having an affair with her boss when he agreed to buy those plots of land from us after he had expressly thrown me out of his office”

“Unbelievable! So you went to her to have his client switch his allegiance back to you?”

“Yeah, but instead she got really mad and walked me out of her office. She told me never to come back”

“Something is not right about this your story. Is it possible that ‘my once upon a time holier than thou girlfriend’ is now a runs girl? Hmm…I love cracking things like this. Give me your clients name and number.” Deji said with a wide grin on his face

“Wait a minute, is this now about Aisha or me?” Martins is confused

“Haba Martins, how am I suppose to get to the root of the matter if Aisha is not the focal point?”

“Mmm… So, Deji What are you now? A detective?”

You will know in the coming days…

The brouhaha continues next week…


  1. Deji! Deji! Deji!

  2. Martins should involve a more superior boss in the office or call the police. No need to long the matter.

  3. Lol. Deji th detective, let’s see what happens.

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