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The Brouhaha of Oga Martins 2.0|Chapter 20

The BROUHAHA of OGA MARTINS 2.0 | Chapter 20

Every man was destined for greatness; it is now left for you to identify the element of greatness God has placed in you. Some people live their entire life not identifying the element of greatness God placed in them, while others who identify theirs don’t put it into full use; their full potentials never see the light of day. Some others channel theirs into accomplishing negative feats. Ada, Aisha, Deji and the good old Martins’ lives fell into all of these categories. Their actions and inactions have in several ways reshaped not only their individual destinies but also Martins’’.

However, two things appeared to stand out for Martins and maybe Aisha; grace and faith. In the face of adversity they held strong to their faith and never let go. Even when they slipped they always found a way of retracing their steps. But did their ends fully justify the means? Answering that question now would mean beating the gun.

Nonetheless, whatever it was that the existence of these four somewhat acquaintances whose lives took several twists and turns and eventually got entangled in each other became, only lays credence to one thing; our lives are like the morning fog, it’s here for a little while then it’s gone. We do not know what tomorrow holds, we don’t even know what will happen the next minute.

Martins heaved a sigh of relief as he turned himself around while seated on his swivel office chair beaming with smiles. He never knew he had a knack for writing till the travails from his now 33-years sojourn on earth drove his pen to scribble down bits and pieces of his life in a journal he hoped to publish someday.

As he took a moment off his writing, his thoughts raced back to Ada; like a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes, she had sadly become history.

They say vanity can easily overtake wisdom; it easily overtakes common sense self; that was what happened to Ada. Martins remembered the conversation that ensued between them on the day she had gone to report her findings to the police like it was yesterday

“Ada, you will have to apply caution here. I don’t trust Nigerian Policemen”

“Martins, a man I had really become close to was killed on that fateful day. A wallet that had an ID card in it dropped from the pocket of one of the robbers and you want me to keep this discovery to myself? Something that would help the police in their investigation.”

“I haven’t said that. I just said you should be more careful with the information you divulge and don’t make hasty decisions.”


Martins had discussed Ada’s discovery and resolution with Deji when he returned from work that night, albeit he knew it was a fatal error when he overhead Deji and Quadri discussing about Ada and the wallet she found at the crime scene around midnight of the same day, while Martins was in his bedroom supposedly sleeping. There and then Martins knew Deji was not just a yahoo guy has he disclosed but was most likely a robber too, or to put it rather mildly, an accomplice, if their conversation was anything to go by. One thing was certain though; Deji was not one of the robbers that stormed that bank on the fateful day.

Ada had gone ahead to pay the ‘men in black’ a visit after work on the day she spoke to Martins about the wallet, and the following day she was reported missing!

After about two months of intense search, the police had to put an end to the woman-hunt, and Ada never returned home neither was she found.

Anyways, that’s history; indelible marks imprinted on the sands of time.

Three years on, Deji now serves time for being an informant and accomplice to the dare-devil robbers that wrecked havoc at the bank where a soul was lost. The hoodlums on the other hand were serving various sentences for their atrocities, while Solonzo – their ring leader was still at large. As for Ada, no one knows what happened to her or who and what was responsible for her sudden departure from the face of the earth.
A knock on the door took Martins mind off his life’s drama.

“Yes come in!”
It was Lanre, Martins’ colleague in the marketing department who had become his subordinate.

“Oga Martins! Good morning.”

“Morning Johnson, What’s good?”

“Nothing much boss!”

“Welcome back from your leave”

“Thank you, sir!”

“Hope you utilized it effectively?”

“Yes boss! I say I should come and pay homage. I learned your son celebrated his first year birthday yesterday”

“Yes oh! It’s the lord’s doing” Martins said, his face beaming with smiles

“…and it is marvelous in our sight” Lanre grinned.

Zion, the office assistant’s intrusion cuts short their conversation
“Good morning, Mr Lanre”

“Zion, how far now!”

“I dey oh!”

“Hmm, Oga Martins this your brother in-law don they fresh like you oh. Abi Zion? You remember how you be when you first join realty point now? What’s the secret?”

“Well, nothing much has changed, asides that I now eat my sister’s food”

“You mean Oga Martins’ Madam?” They all laughed wholeheartedly

“Zion, you want to see me?” Martins asked.

“No oh, I just came to inform you that ABM is around”

“Oh! lead her upstairs please”

“Okay sir.” Zion scurries out of the office

“Who is ABM?”

That’s how my wife introduces herself oh. That’s how she loves to be addressed”

“What does that mean?”

“It’s her initials; Aisha Bello Martins!”


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