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The BROUHAHA of OGA MARTINS 2.0 | Chapter 5

The BROUHAHA of OGA MARTINS 2.0 | Chapter 5

Martins was beginning to feel a sudden ecstatic pull towards his job. He now had every reason to believe he was destined for greatness. The dream he had that first night he spent at Deji’s apartment was gradually coming to fruition. The prophet did see a vision of him after all. Why God had chosen him for the biggest deal a marketer would strike for realty point…Martins still couldn’t fathom. And he had only just joined them, in fact his employment wasn’t confirmed yet. It seemed God had realized it was time he reaped where he had sowed. He had been just, true and patient, now his virtues were to be rewarded.

“When this deal goes through, I would be eternally grateful to you, o lord!”

Martins said a silent word of prayer to a God he had always challenged for the detours his life had taken.

“I’ll bet after this deal goes through, my ranks here would swell”, he spoke aloud to no one in particular. He was the only person in the office anyways. The other marketers had gone out to meet with their prospects. This would be Martins second sales since he joined the company and possibly his first outright sales. He was only days away from closing up his deal with Engr. Adetukasi and he couldn’t wait to earn a commission that would change his life forever. He had to slap himself hard across the face to be sure he wasn’t dreaming this time.

“Martins!” Ada called out to him as she gracefully walked into Martins’ office unannounced

“Hope you still have all of this on low key? You won’t want to lose out on the deal at the last minute oh! Human beings are wicked.”

“No Ada, I’m in check…this can’t slip off me”


There was an unusual silence between them as Ada looked around the office with oddity. Martins pretended to be looking into some files on his corner desk of compact iteration which provided an extra leg room for him. Ada remained affixed at a spot behind Martins, while chewing on her lower lips. Then she focuses her gaze on Martins with bemoaned interest like he had become a monument of sober reflection and a recipe for disaster. She thought for a moment how naive he was to trust her. Ada had been in constant communication with the Engineer after she had copied his contact from the phone she had borrowed Martins on his birthday. This was bound to be a life-changing deal and Ada hoped it won’t backfire and later become her greatest undoing; she risked losing her job if her plan fails. She had been on this kind of road before only that in this case it wasn’t just any road but a major highway, still she was ready to take the risk.

“If Aisha was no match for you, how much more Martins?” Ada’s alter ego seemed to assure her as she quickly dismissed her fears.

Her gaze lingered on for a while till Martins broke the silence between the duo.

“Ada, do you need me to do something?”

“No! Not at all. I was just checking up on you,” Ada stated as she walked out of the office.

Martins is intrigued, not even the drumming of Ada’s loud footsteps down the hallway as it quietened into her office could bring him out of his bemusement. Martins thought Ada felt a bit jittery with the unspoken drama she put up before she left him to his thoughts.

Martins’ mind raced to his first encounter with Ada when he came on the job; it was a forgettable experience. Albeit, Ada’s attitude towards Martins was gradually transcending from boss-subordinate to colleague and close confidant yet Martins still tried to hold her at arm’s length or so he thought. Ada’s sudden fondness for Martins would have aroused his suspicion if she wasn’t the head of marketing and he hadn’t been instrumental in sealing her last deal.

Ada had shared her commission with Martins twice but Martins still wondered if he was under any obligation to share this with her. This was completely his and Ada had no stakes in it. However, Martins knew he had to at least spare a paltry sum for her useful and timely tit bits and of course her frequent admonitions. He had put everyone except Ada in the dark about this deal. Like Ada warned; he had to be discreet about the deal until he was sure he would turn out a millionaire. The prophet was indeed true to his word, Martins secretly hoped that divine favour would remain his lot.

He suddenly remembered it was a Thursday, he had to borrow some money from Ada for the weekend. At the close of work on Monday, Martins had lodged in a cheap hotel around Ajegunle. And by the end of the day, it would be Martins’ fourth night at the hotel. He had exhausted all in his arsenals; he needed a replenishing.

He rises from his desk and made bold strides out of his office. In less than half a minute, Martins was in front of Ada’s office. He only had to knock on her door once before he helped himself in. Ada was just rounding off a phone conversation or so it seemed, when Martins walked into her office.

“Err…Engineer let me call you back,” Ada stuttered.

Martins’ presence slightly made her uneasy, she wasn’t sure if she had goofed with the last line of her conversation.

The mention of ‘Engineer’ raced Martins thoughts to his client, Engr. Adetukasi momentarily. The man had still not answered nor returned his call all day yet Martins had called him five times already. If not that he knew the Engineer to be a very busy man Martins’ usual self would have had every cause to worry.

“Yes Martins, What is it you want?” Ada asked, quickly regaining her composure

“Sorry to bother you. I was wondering if I could get a loan of 10k from you, I will pay you back by the end of next week.”



“I need to sort out some things this weekend.”

“Sure! Why not? As long as you pay me back by the end of next week like you said”

“I surely will,” Martins concurred

“I still have your account details, so I will just do a transfer as usual.”

“Ok ma. Thank you, I really do appreciate.”

“Haba! 10K?” Ada said, rising from her seat this time. “What’s the big deal? I mean what are friends for?” She rests her hands on Martins’ shoulders which instantaneously sends cold chills down his spine as she walks him to the door.

“Martins, don’t worry, I always got your back,” Ada said, smiling sheepishly at Martins

Martins grins, not quite understanding what exactly she meant as Ada shuts her door behind him.

“Poor boy! If only he knows 10k is nothing compared to what he’s about to lose. It isn’t his deal anyways. Like a boss of mine once said; he who seals the deal owns the deal.” Ada thought aloud while standing in front of her simple but elegant and stylish glass desk, with a pellucid surface that Ada often times used as a mirror more than she used it for work. She sometimes feared the crystal clear surface could one day be translucent enough to reveal the true state of her heart to a bystander.
She picked up her phone on the neatly arranged pile of files at the semi circular portion of the glass desk.

With a sigh of relief amid a cloak of smirk on her face, she dials the Engineers’ number.

“Hello Engineer, sorry I had to end the call. Can we meet now?”


The Brouhaha continues next week…


  1. From frying pan to fire. From a stealing friend to a cheating colleague. Oga Martins life is a real bouhaha.

  2. I pity Martins o. He needs to be extra vigilant or he will have himself to blame. People like Ada are everywhere.

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