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Oga Martins

The BROUHAHA of OGA MARTINS – Episode 10

Martins walked into his office, a spring to his steps. After a short, eventful but disaster-free weekend, he felt alive and invigorated and his date with Aisha contributed to it. He smiled at the thought of her. These days, his life was full of so much drama, it was a sharp contrast to just sit and talk with a woman you believe should hate you for the rest of eternity and enjoy each other’s company. She was funny, witty and had managed to dodge most of his questions. A frown formed on his face as he thought about their conversation again.

“So?” he prompted, smiling at her.

“So what?” she asked as she stared at him, a mocking smile on her face.

“You didn’t answer my question”

“Which is?”

“What made you change your mind? Why did your boss decide to buy five plots later? What did you tell him? I know I messed up with my presentation so…. Why the change of heart?”

“That is not a question, those are questions,” she teased.

Martins smiled. “We could pick them one after the other. What made your boss change his mind?”

“Hmmm….” Aisha smiled in response to his question as she took a sip of her drink.

At least she had stuck to something he could afford and he had respected himself and refused to take anything. He didn’t need anyone to tell him Aisha was her own woman and could pay her bills but for him, picking up the tab was now a matter of pride. After what she had done for him, he just wanted to please her. Even though he now knew he wouldn’t have lost his job if he had not brought in the deal, the fact that he had when others had failed scored him points… and by others, he meant Ada
She shrugged when she finally responded. “I guess he read some of the materials you brought in and decided it was a good investment after all”

“So it was not like you personally convinced him?”

“My boss doesn’t make a business decision except he is convinced himself. If he is not, no matter what I say, he won’t do it. You can’t make a good business investment if you let your sentiments and emotions get in the way, he tells me.”

“Are you two dating?” Martins asked, the words falling from his mouth before he could stop them. She stared at him, taken aback at his question and he knew he had goofed. He quickly remedied that by pointing his finger at the easiest target he could find. “Ada seems to think so,” he stated.

The girl wasn’t there to defend herself and in fairness to him, she had put the thought in his head.

“I don’t bloody care what Ada thinks,” Aisha retorted, her brows furrowing in anger.

Her reaction had been so strong, Martins couldn’t help but ask why she didn’t like Ada, especially since she had refused to let her see her boss for a meeting. Rather than explain, Aisha had become defensive. “What is this? Twenty Questions? I thought this was supposed to be a thank-you lunch?” she retorted, glaring at him.

“It is. I’m just curious!”

“From where I’m seated, it feels like an interrogation room and curiosity kills the cat,” she rejoined and he had apologized but he couldn’t help wondering what the story was. Aisha’s reaction towards Ada was very strong and her failure to discuss it only made him more curious. He however decided to let it go and had enjoyed the rest of his time with her.

Although he’s refrained from asking her any further questions that would tick her off, he had to ask her why she had allowed him to see her boss. She had stared at him, fiddling with the straw in her drink and had given him the strangest response. “Because I want you to owe me Martins; because there might just be a time when I will need you to do something for me and you will not be able to say no.”

The response had put him on edge then but he had told himself not to think about it. Even now, he didn’t want to. He was in a good mood and he didn’t want anything to spoil it. Unfortunately, he wasn’t going to have his way as a pile of files hit his table. He looked up to see Ada standing before him.

“You need to look through these files. These are the clients the guy you replaced was handling. Study them and know the status of their transactions with us. You are going to be following up on them and I suggest you start early. There are still more.”

Martins looked at the files in dread, afraid to ask how much more.

The BROUHAHA continues next week…

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  1. Aisha’s influence still av a positive effect

  2. Lol, Aisha would have eaten his head off if he had asked her another question about Ada

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