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The BROUHAHA of OGA MARTINS – Episode 11

Getting through a long day was enough stress, but having to contend with the traffic that plagued Lagos roads was something, like other commuters, Martins wished he could take away from his day. He was physically and emotionally drained and having to deal with a stubborn customer he inherited from the former marketer who occupied his position had contributed to it.

The customer had subscribed to paying in installments for two plots of land at Roseberry Estate in Agbara, Ogun State but had defaulted in his bank standing order for more than three months. This was against the terms of the contract and the order had been revoked according to company’s policy. Since he was now Martins client, he had been obligated to attend to him when he showed up in the office. The man who spoke with a Calabar accent refused to accept that he had been revoked for defaulting in payment for three months. He argued that he was facing financial distress and should have been considered for a longer period. Martins explained he would be reinstated to continue his payment if he could make up the remaining payment in bulk, but he refused the offer, insisting on continuing his monthly installments. Because Martins had also insisted he couldn’t do that, he resorted to shouting and causing a scene. Ada had arrived on the scene and taken him away.

Martins had been so upset about the issue, he was unproductive for the remaining time in the office. He had not even bothered to seek Ada out and ask her how she handled the issue and if she gave any concessions to the man. He hoped not. The man’s attitude was terrible and his manner of communication annoying. People like that made it difficult to show them good customer service. He hissed aloud as he thought about the guy again.

“Wetin happen?” The fat woman who was seated beside him in the bus glared at him. “Why you dey hiss for my ear?”

Martins gave her an annoying look. “I no understand. I no fit hiss again? Abeg madam stay your lane o!”

“Which lane? Which stupid lane? Na for my ear they say make you kon hiss?”

“”Carry your ear now if e dey where I dey hiss. You no see say this place tight?”

“Oga e don do,” one of the other passengers said

“See this woman now! So make I no talk again because your ear dey there?”

“Na talk be dat abi na hiss?”

“E don do!”

“I no blame you. Na because I dey inside here with you”

“Ah! See this one! Carry your car put for road now,” she commented with disdain

“Na wa o! See wetin Lagos traffic dey cause,” another passenger commented, smiling

“Temperature rising…”

“…you give me fever,” two girls seated beside each other said, completing each other’s statement and laughing.

Martins hissed again, not bothering to respond. The woman glared at him again but he ignored her. All he wanted to do was get home, have a cold shower, eat and sleep. That wasn’t going to be until another one and half hour later when he alighted at his bus stop and walked towards his compound. It was almost 8p.m and the area was plunged in darkness with the sound of generator creating a tune he could never get used to. Life could be better than this. He didn’t know how but he knew life could be better and as long as he drew breath, he would make it better.

He walked into the compound, glad he didn’t have to greet anyone as he walked in and made his way to his door. He applied his keys but the door refused to open. He knocked.

“Deji! Deji!”

No response!

He stared at the door in puzzlement, wondering what was going on. He tried his keys again but they didn’t open. He patted his pocket in search of his phone only to remember he didn’t have a phone. “Oh-oh!” he grumbled. He was too tired for this. He tried his key again, wondering when the door began to have issues when Rotiimi passed

“Rotimi abeg you see Deji for house?”

“No! I never see am today but e no too tey wey I come back”

“Oh-oh! What is this now?!”

“Wetin happen?”

“My door no open and the thing work correct this morning”

“Landlord don lock am now. See!” Martins looked up to see a newly created padlock on his door. “He say if na midnight you come back, make you come see am for him house before you enter…”



What is Oga Martins’ landlord up to sef? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

The Brouhaha of Oga Martins continues next week.



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  1. Oga martins’ luck better change soon.

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  3. Wetin Martins do for his landlord na?

  4. I enjoyed the bus part. still laughing.

  5. Loool, Oga Martins don enter am with Landlord

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