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Brouhaha of Oga Martins Episode 7


“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Martins shouted over and over again after his first reaction. He turned excitedly to Ada and the others who were looking at him curiously. “He’s buying five plots,” he stated proudly.

It was Ada’s turn to rejoice. She clapped her hands in excitement and nodded her head in approval, beaming. “You did it! I can’t believe you did it!”

Martins smiled, feeling cool with himself but mostly grateful he wasn’t going to lose this job. He didn’t think much about what Ada meant when she said she couldn’t believe he did it. He didn’t even want to question why his luck had turned around suddenly and what had made Aisha’s boss change his mind. He was reveling in the euphoria of the good news and the look of respect and admiration he was getting from his colleagues as he followed Ada to her office to think too much about anything. Right now, all was well with his world and he was okay with that.

“How did you do it?” Ada asked as they got into her office.

Martins smiled not responding and thankfully, Ada wasn’t expecting him to. She continued as if she had not asked him a question he considered vital. “How had he done it?” He had not! Maybe Aisha had.

“Aisha won’t let me near him. Maybe she thought I was going to steal her man.”

Martins frowned, wondering what Ada was talking about. He couldn’t stop himself from asking. “Is Aisha dating her boss?” he queried surprised by the information.

“Truthfully, I don’t know.”

For some reason, he felt relieved at the response. Not that Aisha’s boss was bad looking. He didn’t think he was that old either, maybe around thirty-five or forty. He didn’t even think he was married, he had been too nervous to notice if he wore a ring anyway. Besides, not all married men wore their rings. For now, his eligibility wasn’t in question but the idea of Aisha with the man just somehow didn’t sit well with him. His attention was drawn back when Ada continued to speak.

“I just know she guards him like a hawk. I’m even surprised you got a meeting with him.”


She nodded in response. “Every time I went there, she refused to let me see him. That’s why I decided to send you and apparently, it was a good idea.” she beamed. “I have to say, I’m surprised he is buying.”

Martins wanted to say “So am I” but kept his mouth shut as his mind began to spin. So Ada had purposely sent him on a mission she knew was impossible from the start and hinged his job on it. That wasn’t fair, he thought.

“You don’t know how happy I am that this deal finally pulled through. I’ve been on it for months now.”

“You don’t know how happy I am either,” he wanted to say but once again kept his mouth shut. At least he had his job for now and hopefully she wouldn’t hinge another deal on it. That meant being able to pay the landlord when his rent was due.

“I’m glad everything worked out,” she smiled.

“So am I,” Martins stated. He got to his feet, eager to get out of her office before she gave him another impossible task. He knew he had just been lucky this time. He couldn’t guarantee he would get the same result if he was given another task… except there was an Aisha in that office. Whether he wanted to admit it or not, he knew she had something to do with her boss’ change of heart. “I need to get back to work.”

“Before you go….”

Martins heart dropped.

“I’ve been looking for you!”

He turned to see the Human Capital Executive, Ekanem walk in.

“Who? Me?” Ada asked

“No. Martins. It’s time for your orientation”

That was the second best news of the day. He didn’t want to stay a second longer in Ada’s office.

“Oh! Okay. Go for that then I’ll see you later,” Ada stated as she took her seat.

Martins nodded and was almost out the door when he turned back to her. “Would you have had me sacked if I had not sealed the deal?” He needed to know if she really would have done it especially since she couldn’t do it herself.

She stared at him for a moment then shook her head as she responded. “No. I sent you in a moment of inspiration and you sleeping off during the departmental meeting provided the right driving force. And everything turned out well,” she smiled. “Enjoy your orientation and welcome to Realty Point”

Martins returned the smile but it was caustic. If only she knew the kind of emotional torture she had put him through.

What next for Oga Martins? Find out next week.

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  1. I wonder why you people are using Realty Point in this story, is it a true life story?

  2. This tempo is dropping. Pick it up guys.

  3. huh! emotional torture, love, success, respect, promotion, excitement…all in one story. thanks to RPL

  4. For a second i thought the story was over. Lucky Martins, I hope Ada lets him be.

  5. Oga Debo, Oga Martins. Am i missing a link.

    Kudos to the realty point team for a nice story. I enjoyed it.

  6. I predict a love affair between Ada and Martins. typical naija story.

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