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The Dangers Of Using Substandard Building Materials

The influx of substandard building materials into our market is worrisome. It seems to have saturated the market and sometimes comes easy and cheap to builders and owners of building projects. Albeit the first source of concern for every builder should  be Material Quality and Sustainability.

It is appalling and thought-provoking how a newly built structure suddenly undergo repairs and maintenance only few weeks after it was built. Building s are meant to be long term investments considering the huge amount of money that goes into most building project. However, these days caution has been thrown to the winds with the use of substandard building materials which does not sustain buildings. Houses that were built back in the days cannot be compared with what is obtainable these days because materials used then were of high quality. In modern times, inferior or materials lacking in quality otherwise known as “china materials” have infiltrated the market. These materials seem to be everywhere and is probably the first item you are given once you make a trip to the market.

What is more disturbing is that, even when a builder decides to use high quality building materials or sustainable materials, he is still short-changed. There was a situation where the owner of a house project once went to an elaborate showroom all in a bid to get the best of materials for his building, albeit he still came back home with some low quality building materials, and worse still he realized he had been milked dry while making a honest attempt at getting sustainable building materials.

For that reason, it’s always imperative to consider purchasing high grade building materials, or pre-built buildings. Fabric buildings for example can be dangerous if not properly installed – so consider using a reputable building firm with a solid track record. No matter whether you’re considering the option to Buy Fabric Buildings, or to rent a fabric building – the same applies – check the quality, the reputation of the firm, the materials used and the history of the company supplying it.

Now, the question is; Are there still high quality building materials in the market?

Of course we have high quality building materials in the market, it just becomes rather difficult to get these days, especially when you are a novice. It is advisable to get to the market with either a trusted person who knows his onions or someone who is a professional and an experienced hand in such matters. Going to a place that you are certain to get original building materials is not a guarantee for you to get what you really want. There are fakes everywhere; not even when it has become hard to spot an original from a fake. In this day and age, only a thin line seperates both.

In a situation, where you decide to go with an artisan working on your building project, it is still advisable you do your own personal research, because there have been scenarios where the artisan connives with the marketer to supply substandard materials and rips you off your hard-earned money.

The use of substandard building materials have been partly and in some cases wholly responsible for the high incident of building collapse in the country. Substandard building materials also lead to various cases of structural deformation some buildings experience frequently within a short period of time. Cracked walls, leaking roofs, and susceptibility to flooding are some of the  signatures of buildings that arose from substandard materials

Invariably, the use of substandard building materials cannot lead to the sustainability of any building. Such buildings will likely not be standing years to come and may not last for future generations.

Sustainability should top the list of every builder when embarking on a building project.

Standard building materials help sustain your building for a lifetime and improves the resale value of your building. Don’t just build to save cost, build to make your building a worthy investment.


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