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After 30

5 Things That Should Never Be In Your Home After 30

If you are above 30 there are somethings that should never be found in your home or apartment. Read this article to find out what they are.

Do you consider yourself an adult? I bet your home says otherwise. According to Urban Dictionary, an adult is any person who has stopped growing at both ends and is now growing in the middle. If you go to some adult’s homes you will prefer to be homeless or go leave under the bridge if you are asked to live there.
Some Bachelors’ homes look like nomadic settlements or a place that just suffered from an earthquake. If you get to the homes of some supposed adults, you would want to suggest such places as colonies or natural reserves for fulani herdsmen.
Here are 5 things that should never be in your apartment once you’ve clocked 30;
1. Unframed prints and posters
The last time I had stuffs like this in my room was when I was a teenager. I had a big-sized poster of the then POP’ Boy Band; Backstreet Boys. So I don’t expect anyone in his or her late 20’s to have such in their rooms or apartments talk-less someone that has clocked 30
2. Trophies, awards, certificates and medals on display
Please if you’ve not won an AMVCA, MTV, HEADIES, ALL  AFRICAN GAMES, GRAMMIES, OSCARS, KORA or OLYMPICS award, medal or trophy don’t go displaying your elementary and high school, college/university awards, trophies and certificates in your sitting room. We no wan see am….But wait oh! On a second thought that shouldn’t be such a big deal or is it?
3.Unmade bed
unmade bed
Why on earth will you wake up and not lay your bed? Yet you will call yourself an adult….People who make their beds every morning are more productive, better rested and exercise more than people who don’t. Now that’s the definition of adult.
4. Mosquito Net
mosquito net
“Abeg no be only you mosquito dey chop. Moreover, those guys gatz eat too”
In other words, Unless you have a doctor’s certificate for a mosquito net, how about you just get a malaria shot?
5. Anything covering a window that is not a curtain

You need privacy right, so why not actually get some privacy. Newspaper would be way better, at least people would think you’re well read.

So if these things are a feature of your apartment or room and you have clocked 30, you still have some growing up to do!

Is there anyone who thinks otherwise? Feel free to use the comments’ box.


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  1. Nice one, loved the humor about this, and it’s definitely right though, but the number 4 am not sure I totally agree

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