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Thoughtful Housewarming Gift Ideas For New Homeowners

This is that time of the year when new homeowners move into their houses, and families with kids rush to resettle before the new school year starts. In other words, it’s peak season for almost everyone to need to buy housewarming gifts.

Sure, you could go the housewarming gift hamper route, but why not instead get them a housewarming gift they’ll use and appreciate for years to come?

When it comes to giving housewarming gifts, there is no small gift, it is usually the thought that counts. It is very important you bring a gift when you attend a housewarming party.

However, quite a lot of people get worried as regarding what type of gift to buy; hence, the essence of this post.

You do not have to put too much thought into buying a very expensive gift, but something you know the other party will appreciate and will probably always be useful.

Find listed below, items you can give out as gifts at a house warming gathering:

Cookwares and kitchen utensils 

A new house will definitely need these items, you cannot find too many pots in a house. Cookware sets make great gifts, especially for mothers. They are such a good fit because cooking is what mothers do.  It doesn’t matter if moms are serious cooks or casual cooks, working moms or stay-at-home moms, they get food on the table for their hungry families and that’s typically every day.  This is why kitchen gifts are so popular and make useful gifts.


When it comes to paintings, I can somehow relate to them in my own ways. The emotions portrayed on a canvas seem to flow in and out of me. This is one reason why I think paintings can be a good choice of gift for anyone. It can evoke always emotions, and is the perfect gift for a new home.

There are also a number of other reasons why a painting is a great idea such as; Its timelessness, the quality of life it improves, the unspoken silent inspiration it passes as well as the fact that it is Eco-friendly and easy to maintain.

Vintage Wine 

It is one of those things people don’t think of when moving into a new house, this is a fantastic idea for a gift. There’s something extra special about celebrating a major milestone such as a housewarming by opening a perfectly cellared bottle.

First aid kit

Giving a first aid kit on an housewarming is an unpopular but really great idea if you look at it well.  The first aid kit might not come in handy very often, but on occasions that it is indeed needed because of a slight injury or cut, you will be fondly remembered.

It should contain gloves , spirit, thermometer, iodine, anti-malaria drugs and so on.


This is also another unpopular idea, but great nonetheless. Helping them stock their home with probably a bag of rice, or 5 liter of groundnut oil will be appreciated. For the first month or so, after moving into that new environment, going grocery shopping might be difficult for them because of the unfamiliar territory. But having things they need handy will be of great help to them.

Meat, poultry, small bag of semo, vegetables, yoghurt etc are also well thought of housewarming gifts you can give to the host.

Home decoration 

Home decor gifting is a great idea for an housewarming gift but you should make it more memorable with classy items. Things like vase, cotton holder, table lamp, rugs, throw pillow etc are good gifts to give.

You can find well made, well designed and affordably priced home decor items on online shops around.

Dining set

Someone who just moved to a new house will surely want a new dish set. There is nothing wrong in presenting such as a housewarming gift to the host. Cultery, tea saucer, mugs, glass cup set, dinning ceramic, food bowls etc are also gifts that can be given to the host.

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