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Renovating an old property

Tips for renovating an old property for less money

As excited as you are that you bought your dream house, there is bound to be this something you would notice that is not living up to the perfect picture.  It could either be an old kitchen or a puke greened bathroom tiles. Understandably, you won’t rest until you transform this place to your own patch of heaven. And just when you start making a list of things you want to change and shop for, you realize that this whole endeavor is going to cost you a fortune.


Beyond making your home a pleasant place to live in, making a few changes to your living environment will also increase the value of your home, should you decide to sell it. However, redecorating your home shouldn’t involve a huge investment. There are cost-effective ways of renovating an old property.

Instead of buying a brand new furniture for your house, consider first checking out a free-classifieds website and see if you can find some second hand items in good shape, this will prevent you from spending money on new things necessarily. Below is a list of budget-friendly tips for restructuring your old property.

Light it up

A good lighting makes a room welcoming and functional. In an easy and cheap way, counter lighting could be installed to brighten up an old kitchen.You can change from incandescent light bulbs to energy-efficient compact fluorescents. Move natural light further into the rooms by bouncing it off the ceiling.


Give the walls and trim of your old house a fresh coat of paint, as it will add zest to your home. The drawing room or bathroom could use a fresh paint add a refreshment and excitement to the room. Keep in mind that depending on the room, it’s purpose and the lighting you should consider painting it one color or another, so remember to do a little research before deciding how to dress each room.

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Add Colorful Drawer Pulls

You can always add life to a kitchen by installing a new cabinet hardware. There is a wide collection of drawer pull designs available (metallic/modern) to choose from. Create new nooks and corners to either store cleaning utensils or your favorite spices. For a newer and glamorous look, color your cupboards in a color contrasting to the kitchen floor.

Attractive Flooring

Flooring makes a huge difference in how a room appears. Laying a brand new vinyl or laminated wood material on top of the old flooring. Items that give the look of ceramic tile or natural wood can be bought at a lower cost.


Mix up Materials

You can ‘traditionalize’ a modern interior by mixing it with an acrylic table, or traditional side tables in chrome to give it an entirely new look.

Place A Large Centerpiece On Main Wall

You can create a very appealing and structured design for your wall by hanging one attractive item.

Renovating an old property shouldn’t be a burden afterall.

Go on out and try it!

Sade Adebayo is a freelance writer whose work regularly appears in publications in the United States of America, she is also resident there. 

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