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cheapest locations to live in Lagos

Top 10 Cheapest Locations to Live in Lagos

Lagos is the most populated and commercially active state in Nigeria. And by virtue of this fact, it is virtually the most expensive place to live in the country and one of the most expensive cities to live in the world. In this article, we take a look at the top 10 cheapest locations to live if you want to survive in Lagos.

All fingers are not equal, hence not all Lagosians can afford the huge expenses that come with living in lasgidi, especially in the area of accommodation.

In recent years, it has become increasingly arduous for most residents in Lagos to cope with the exorbitant cost of rent in a city of over 21 million people. In fact if  you own a property in Lagos then you are operating a gold mine.

Landlords in Lagos are ‘big boys’ and envied by many. Albeit some locations in Lagos don’t cost as much as some others that have been termed ‘choice locations’

There are some locations on the Island that the average Lagosian wouldn’t dare go in search of a place to call home.

A studio apartment in Lekki, Lagos can go up for rent for as high as 1.9million naira while yo can rent an exquisite three bedroom apartment in the same location for as high as 4million naira.

Most locations on the Island are far too expensive for the average Lagosian due to the rapid development going on in that area. This has led in the proliferation of slums in the mega-city

Other expensive areas in Lagos include, Ikoyi, Banana Island, Victoria Garden City, Victoria Island, Ikeja GRA, Omole Estate, Magodo, Surulere to mention but a few.

Albeit we are not talking about the expensive locations in Lagos in this article, rather we are giving options as to the possible locations the average man can afford to rent house in Lagos.

Here are the top 10 cheapest locations to live in Lagoswhich may as well be the most congested locations in Lagos.


Meiran in Ojokoro LGA close to the reformed Abule-Egba on Lagos-Abeokuta expressway takes the 10th spot on our list of top 10 cheapest locations to live in Lagos. In Meiran, you can get a standard three-bedroom flat for as low as 250,000 naira and a studio apartment for at least 150,000 naira or less depending on your specifications.

One of the factors that make that part of Lagos less expensive is the traffic congestion in the area and also it’s close proximity to Sango Ota, Ogun state makes the cost of rent in that area affordable.


The cost of renting an apartment in Badagry is of no different from Meiran. A standard three bedroom flat in that location can’t be more than 300,000 naira and a studio apartment should ordinarily not go beyond 200,000 naira. This is so because Badagry is so far away from the Lagos metropolis.

In fact, if you are living in Badagry you might as well be better off staying in Benin Republic. More than half the population of Lagos have never been to Badagry and may have no reason to go there except for tourists or adventure seekers.

Albeit, Badagry is a good place to retire. It is a coastal town with a rich history.

The first storey building in Nigeria is located in Badagry. Badagry was once a slave port and a market for slavers.



This is another very inexpensive location in Lagos. This area continues to welcome Lagosians of all walks of life into its fold daily. In recent times there has been an increasing migration of people into Ikorodu and that is because properties in that area are cheap. Hence the cost of rent is considerably cheap too.

Albeit, the crime rate in Ikorodu is disturbing coupled with the traffic jam than envelopes the road leading to Ikorodu at rush hours. Ikorodu shares a boundary with Ogun state and is located along the Lagos Lagoon


I could swear Agege is the most congested area in Lagos. This location harbours other smaller areas like, Iju and Ishaga where rent is considerably cheap.

Though it is considerably cheap living in Agege, it does have its challenges. Staying in Agege is at your own peril. This is another area of Lagos State where street urchins usually establish their dynasties. Agege is one of the top 5 unsafe zones to live in Lagos. The area is known for selling of hard drugs like cocaine and marijuana. Petty thieves thrive in this zone while rape, mugging, bank robbery among other social ills have become a mainstay. Simply put, Agege is a haven for miscreants.

Abattoir in Oko-Oba and other areas in Agege, Lagos, have had to cope with the offensive odour from the abattoir located in the area.

Apart from the health hazards and damage to the environment, the abattoir is a stop over for flood any time it rains as most of the drainage around are blocked by refuse discharged from there. The area is always flooded as the canal from Fagba to the abattoir and another one in Oko-Oba Estate are blocked completely. The disgusting odour which is a source of worry to the residents in the area is as a result of flushing of blood and other wastes from slaughtered cows into the canal.

On a lighter mood, one good thing you can’t take away from this place is its affiliation with the popular ‘Agege bread’

Agege has a stadium that plays host to the darling Lagos premier league team; MFM FC.


It’s hard to find a standard house to rent in Mushin but when you find one, it should still be more affordable than most locations on the mainland. Albeit there is a reason for this; Mushin is for the rough, rugged and raw. If you are not the type that was brought up in the ghetto, don’t try it!

Mushin is one of the dangerous areas in Lagos State. It was formerly referred to as ‘Mushin Olosa’ meaning “Mushin the den of thieves”. Though, Mushin has other fine areas and has also produced bundles of talents and men of integrity, the big ‘M’ city as fondly called has other deadly spots where drugs, marijuana and others are sold freely.

Places like ‘Oduduwa’ Street, among others are somewhat unsafe for strangers most especially at night. And like Agege Mushin tops the list of unsafe zones in Lagos.

5. EPE

Epe is located on the north side of the Lekki Lagoon. Some persons in Lagos are not even aware that that area exists because very little activity goes on there. The thing about living in Lagos is that the farther a place is from civilization the cheaper the cost of accommodation and trust me, Epe being close to Lekki is the only reason the area might as well be more expensive than places like Meiran or even Badagry.



If you can’t afford places like Egbeda or Iyana Ipaja and you still want to stay around then it will be best you move to Ayobo or Ipaja. The cost of renting apartments here is cheap and quite affordable. You can get a two bedroom flat here for as low as 200,ooo naira.


There is little difference between these two locations and they are relatively cheap to live in. However, living in Ketu or Mile 12 rarely shows class but then if you cannot afford to stay in Ojota then Ketu or Mile 12 is a viable option. That notwithstanding, ethnic clashes in the area makes living there a risky option!


One major disadvantage about living in this location is the massive traffic gridlock. Though you can rent a 2 bedroom apartment for as low as 250,000 naira, you may have to spend more time on the road than you will in the apartment you rented with your hard-earned money


Bariga completes our list of top 10 cheapest locations to live in Lagos. It’s considered a rough place to live in but that only depends on the area. Bariga is a considerably good place to live in, things have even gone from terrible to good since companies now find it wise to  have branches here.

It’s a place where you get to find whatever you need for food, clothing and even fun. Then it’s close proximity to UNILAG gives it an edge…

If you couldn’t get Yaba, then living in Bariga is a viable option. Bariga may just be more expensive than the other locations on our list of top 10 cheapest locations to live in Lagos.



  1. Whoever wrote this didn’t carry out research well. First and foremost Ketu and mile 12 is not cheap to live in and it’s very congested. Having lived there for more Dan 20years, Ketu mile12 has d largest mkt in Lagos which makes food very cheap and accessible. Work is also readily available for jobless ppl that can work in the mkt. This increases the inflow of people into that area and that inturn has increased rent.

    • Thanks for your contribution sir. Your input and observation is well appreciated. That will be corrected subsequently

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