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Top 10 Scariest Bridges In The World

Did you know that the United States Of America has the highest number of scary bridges in the world? In fact 3 out of the top 10 scariest bridges on this list are situated in the US. Learn more in this article that talks about the top 10 scariest bridges in the world.


All bridges serve a purpose, whether utilitarian or inspirational. And some of them, like Musou Tsuribashi, a shaky, 50-year-old crossing in southern Japan add a distinct element of fear. But you don’t have to be in a remote part of the world: scary bridges exist everywhere, in all shapes, sizes, and heights. And crossing over them can be the ultimate in adventure travel.

Surprisingly, only 2 0r 3 of the scariest bridges in the world on this list are old and dilapidated.

So get ready to face your fears or maybe find your next adventure with our list of the world’s most petrifying bridges.


1. William Preston Lane, Jr. Memorial Bridge (Bay Bridge), Maryland, USA

scariest bridges

This bridge spans the Chesapeake bay to connect Maryland’s eastern and western shores. Drivers are notoriously afraid of the bridge, as it’s subjected to frequent and often violent storms. And when the bad weather hits, forget about visibility: get to the middle of this five-mile-long bridge and you can barely see land. The bridge is nearly 5 miles long and 186 feet high at its highest point.

2. Millau Viaduct, France

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Looking down on clouds is to be expected from an airplane, but it’s a bit more unsettling in a car. Yet that’s often the sight when driving across this bridge, which is taller than the Eiffel Tower at its highest point. In fact, when it opened in 2004, it claimed the title of the world’s tallest vehicular bridge but has since lost that title to Sidu River Bridge in China. The bridge is less than 2 miles long and 1,125 feet from the valley floor to the peak of its tallest mast

3. Sidu River Bridge, China

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Sidu River Bridge is located in Badong County of the Hubei Province of China. It opened in November 2009 and was the world’s highest bridge, rising more than 1,500 feet in the air. This suspension bridge is 1,222 m-long (4,009 ft) and the span is so high that Shanghai’s Oriental Pearl Tower could fit underneath it. This highest bridge in the world spans such a great chasm that it had to be established using rockets.

4. Deception Pass Bridge, Washington, USA

scariest bridges

If the drive over this foggy strait in the Puget Sound isn’t particularly scary to you, try walking over the narrow pedestrian lane at the edge of the bridge. That’s where you’ll find especially hair-raising views of the rushing water directly below. The bridge connects Whidbey Island and Fidalgo Island, in Deception Pass State Park.

5. Confederation Bridge, Canada

Located in Canada, this 12.9-kilometre (8 mi) bridge opened on 31 May 1997. It links Prince Edward Island with mainland New Brunswick. It’s eight miles long and stretches over very, very cold water. The curved bridge is the longest in the world crossing ice-covered water, and more than a decade after its construction, it endures as one of Canada’s top engineering achievements of the 20th century.

scariest bridges

There is ice covering straits 5 months of the year.  A special design was made to accommodate this, the bridge designers developed a 52 degree conical ice shield located on the pier shaft to break up the ice.  This ice shield actually lifts the ice flow up so it breaks on its own weight. Designed to last 100 years, it is the longest bridge over ice-covered waters in the world, and at its highest point is tall enough to allow cruise ships to pass underneath it. For user safety, the Confederation Bridge can be restricted to certain classes of vehicles from crossing because of the high wind situations.

6. Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan

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Located in Western Japan, the Eshima Ohashi Bridge looks more like a roller coaster than a road. It links the city of Matsue in Shimane Prefecture to Sakaiminato in Tottori Prefecture and is basically a highway to outer space, a shortcut to vomiting from nausea, making driving over this thing one seriously thrilling car ride. The bridge is a two-lane concrete road. It rises so sharply it gives the bravest drivers the fear, featuring a ridiculously steep slope that allows ships to pass underneath it.

7. Coronado Bridge, California, USA

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Located in the U.S. state of California, the San Diego–Coronado Bridge crosses over San Diego Bay and links San Diego with Coronado. The bridge is 11,179 feet (3,407 m) long and was opened in 1969. It’s said to be a Suicide Magnet: it has been the site of more than 360 suicides.

8. Hangzhou Bay Bridge, China

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Located in the eastern coastal region of China, the Hangzhou Bay Bridge spans across the Hangzhou Bay and is the longest ocean-crossing bridge. The bridge is 36 kilometers (23 miles) long and 14 meters (46 feet) wide and designed as an “S” over the sea. It connects Zhenjiadai, Haiyan, Jiaxing City in the north and Shuiluwan, Cixi, Ningbo City in the south in Zhejiang Province. There is also a 145-meter (476-foot) high tower on the platform, from which you can see the “rainbow” over the sea, as well as the Qiantang Tidal Bore and sea birds. The bridge was opened to public on May 1, 2008.

9. Deosai Bridge, Pakistan

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Located in the Deosai Park Road in Skardu Gilgit-Baltistan province, in northern Pakistan, the road has a length of 82.4 km. It includes gravel, asphalt, river crossing and one of the scariest wood bridges in the world. The road runs at an average altitude of 4,114 meters (13,497 feet) above the sea level. It’s located in the Deosai Plains, the second highest plateau in the world, after the adjoining Tibetan Plateau, between the ridge of the Himalayas and Karakoram.

10. Ekok Suspension Bridge, Cameroon

Ekok bridge is a huge planked suspension bridge spanning the Cross river on the Cameroon-Nigeria border. There’s a project to build a new two lane bridge, with a length of 276 m.

 scariest bridges

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