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Unusual Cities

Top 10 Unusual Cities In The World You Should Experience

Our world is blessed with many interesting and breathtaking places that would hold anyone spellbound. Albeit, asides the common ones we know, there are some cities that are quite unusual yet fun to live in. This article showcases the top 10 most unusual cities around the world you should consider moving to

While some want to gaze at the wonder of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, others want to immerse themselves in the rush of the Times Square in NYC. But how about the lesser known ones? The ones that are not globally commercialised, but we bet can give the New Yorks and the Parises of the world a run for their money.

1. Coober Pedy, Australia

Wouldn’t you love to live in an underground city? This place in Australia is the only city in the world which is literally the ‘Land Down Under’. It has also garnered the name of ‘The Opal City’ of the world.

2. Neft Daslari, Azerbaijan

Imagine living right on top of the blue-green waters of the Caspian Sea, where the streets and houses all stand atop a ton of floating metal that have been welded together. Sounds impossible? Well, say that to the 2000 strong population already occupying this unique city.

3. Venice, Italy

Imagine what it would be like to live in this Sinking City, travel around in water taxis everyday, and gaze out of your balcony on to the water filled streets of the city.

4. Songjiang, China

Have you always fantasized about settling in the heart of England? Then welcome to Songjiang in China. Also known as Thames Town, this city has been modelled after the architecture and aesthetics of Middle England, complete with small, quaint row-houses and cobbled streets.

5. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Home of the most colourful and boisterous festivals of the world, the Carnival, Rio De Janeiro is a place where every true blue Indian will feel at home, because of its extravagant and over-the-top atmosphere.

6. New Orleans, US

If you’re always attracted to the supernatural and the slightly wacky things of life, then New Orleans in the US is the place for you. Complete with flamboyant people, the crazy Mardi Gras festival, and psychic shops littered around the place, the motto of this city is ‘Throw Until It Hurts’.

7. Guimaraes, Portugal

The European Capital of Culture for 2012 and a part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, this city in Portugal is known for its castles, palaces and essentially medieval charm.

8. Slab City, California

Also known as the last free place left in America, the Slab City is essentially home to colourful RV owners and artists who are ready to forego running water just so they can live in free territory.

9. Elista, Russia

Also called the Republic of Kalmykia, this city in Russia is the chess capital of the world. The chess themed palace within it and the Chess City, which is a huge complex devoted to chess and chess players holds testimonial to that title.

10. Sheffield, Australia

Done up completely with beautiful murals all across the place, Sheffield in Australia is definitely the place to live in if you’re a fan of beautiful wall graffiti or art in general.

So which one of these unusual cities of the world would you love to experience?


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