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Nigeria’s Top 5 Churches With The Best Architectural Designs

Nigerians are known to be one of the most religious people on earth. This is somewhat evident in the number of religious centres we see in every nook and corner of the country. Some of these relgious centres form one of the biggest real estate edifices we have around. This article therefore focuses on churches in the country that have stood out in terms of architectural designs over the years.

If it’s possible there would be churches on every inch of our landscape, that is how religious we can get. These churches come in different doctrines, sizes and shapes but there are some that stand out in terms of architectural designs. From Lagos to Abuja, Owerri to Onitsha and even Aba, haba! The designs of these churches will hold you spellbound.

Check out the ‘Nigeria’s Top 5 Churches WithThe Best Architectural Designs’

1. Cathedral Church of Christ, Marina, Lagos


The Cathedral Church of Christ Marina as it’s popularly called is the oldest Anglican cathedral in the Church of Nigeria. It is one of the most prominent buildings in Lagos Island. At various times in its history, the cathedral was the seat of the archbishop of the Province of West Africa, the seat of the archbishop and primate of All Nigeria and the seat of the archbishop of the Ecclesiastical Province of Lagos. It is currently the seat of the Bishop of Lagos.

The foundation stone Construction of the current building to designs by architect Bagan Benjamin was completed in 1946, though the church was established in 1869.

2. Aba Nigeria Temple, Abia State


The Aba Nigeria Temple is the 121st operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). The Aba Nigeria Temple has a total floor area of 11,500 square feet (1,070 m2), two ordinance rooms, and two sealing rooms. The outer walls are made of Namibian pearl granite. The temple was closed in mid-June 2009 because of violence in the Aba area, but was later re-opened in 2010.

It was established in August, 2005

3. Church of Nigeria, Abuja


The Church of Nigeria is the second-largest province in the Anglican Communion, as measured by baptized membership (but not by attendance), after the Church of England. It gives its current membership as over 18 million out of a total Nigerian population of over 170 million people. Other statistics reveal that the Church of Nigeria has 2 million active attendees on a Sunday.

4. Maria Assumpta Catholic Church, Owerri.


Maria Assumpta Catholic Church, Imo state is the seat of The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Owerri . The archdiocese covers an area of 2,996 km². 670,986 of the 1.7 million people in the area are member of the Catholic Church.

5. All Saints Anglican Church, Onitsha, Anambra.


The foundation stone of All Saints Anglican Church, Onitsha  was laid on 9th November, 1949 by Sir John Stewart Macpherson, former British Governor general of Nigeria. The cathedral structure stood up sturdily to the pounding of the Nigerian civil war but the furniture was affected.




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