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top 5 neighbourhoods in Ibadan
Ibadan's bests


You remember Soka?

In March, 2014, a house of horror was discovered in a forest in Ibadan. Some people call it, the place of skull, the evil shrine…others think it’s the valley of dry bones and the killers’ hideouts.

Call it any of the aforementioned, it would be a perfect name to describe Soka forest in Ibadan, an isolated bush where several decomposed bodies were found.

However this article is not about Soka neither is it about the evils inherent in the biggest metropolitan city in Nigeria, in terms of geographical area. Though Ibadan is a city that prides itself on lost glory, it still is a place to reckon with when you want to talk about big Nigerian cities. In fact the Oyo state capital is the third largest metropolitan city in Nigeria by population just behind Lagos and Kano.

Home to Nigeria’s premier University (University of Ibadan), the first TV Station(WNTV/WNBS), the First Teaching Hospital (UCH) , the first standard stadium (LIBERTY STADIUM), the first major Skyscraper (Cocoa House), What else can make the city one of Nigeria’s greats?

Investors are beginning to turn their searchlights on a city where cost of living is nothing compared to what is obtainable in Lagos; where you have to pay through your nose for everything except air. Ibadan is definitely a promising option for Lagos.

To honour this historic city we decided to draw out a list of the top 5 neighbourhoods in Ibadan where you can invest in real estate and possibly dwell. They are arguably Ibadan’s bests.

1. IYAGANKU G.R.A: Call it both the Ikoyi and Victoria Island of Ibadan. Iyanganku G.R.A is a place only exclusive to the super rich plus the high and mighty in Ibadan. If you are not any of these, please don’t be caught there. Like the state is rightfully called ‘OYO’ (you are ‘on your own’). A residential neigbourhood with mostly breathtaking owner occupier country homes usually set on large acreage of land spices with lush green lawns, swimming pool, car-lots e.t.c. Iyanganku G.R.A is the billionaire G.R.A with first grade infrastructural facilities including a first-rated neigbourhood police station armed to the teeth.

2. AGODI G.R.A: Agodi G.R.A is known for many things. Apart from being a First Class low industry residential neigbourhood, it also prides itself as the seat and home of power. The Oyo State secretariat which houses the Governor’s Office is in Agodi G.R.A— the government house, the deputy governor’s house and the first’s lady office are all domiciled in this G.R.A. A quiet, posh, clear-green neighborhood, Agodi G.R.A has to a large extent remained purely residential with little or no physical planning contradictions.

3. ONIREKE G.R.A: A fully developed high brow/low density residential hub, Onireke G.R.A has always being the Lebanese colony of Ibadan. Nearly 2/3 of its inhabitants are of Lebanese decent, some to the third generation. A small sized prime residential neigbourhood, Onireke G.R.A has continued to be an investor’s, delight because of its proximity to Dugbe (the CBD), the Ibadan Recreation Club, Golf Club and Magazine Road, of which the Lebanese have substantial warehouses.

4. BODIJA (OLD & NEW): No doubt a First Class neigbourhood (especially Old Bodija), but a neigbourhood with too much “hype” Infrastructural facilities are okay and security consciousness is high. Mostly streets, crescents, avenues, close in this neigbouhood are gated and sometimes manned.

The popular Bodija market in Ibadan

The popular Bodija market in Ibadan

5. OLUYOLE ESTATE: This is the most popular mixed user Estate in Ibadan. The well-laid out middle and upper class Estate in located at the heart of the city on Ring Road, a few minutes drive from the Legendary Liberty Stadium. This Estate has endeared itself to a lot of people because of its central location, fairly good road network, and it mixed user nature with the residential zone structured at the front, and industrial zone at its tail end.


There are other locations like Samonda and Akakubosa G.R.A’S that couldn’t make this list, notwithstanding both places can give the other top 5 a run for their money and possibly make the list if it were to be drawn somewhere else.

Albeit as far as this hub is concerned, these are the best places in Ibadan.



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  2. Thank God for the GRAs in Ibadan, there may not have been any place to write about. I’m out. Lol

  3. At last, something good comes out of Ibadan

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