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Top 5 Strategies For Real Estate Agents That are Newbies

The real estate business cannot thrive without information. Real estate and information work in pari-pasu. Real estate investors and practitioners need information on who wants to sell, what they want to sell, who wants to buy and what they want to buy. This article talks about 5  of many strategies that real estate agents can make work in their favour.

Both sellers and buyers have specific interests such as price, vacant possession and genuine title. There are certain rules of trade to every profession and real estate business is no different. A person who intends to act as a real estate agent must be ready to learn, work hard and persevere.

Having a mentor is certainly an excellent and most important way to have a good head start. Albeit there are other strategies you must adopt to thrive in this aspect of real estate business

Here are top 5 strategies that can work for real estate agents who are Newbies

1. Motivation/Entrepreneurial Spirit

Being a real estate agent is essentially running your own business and new agents have to build their business from the ground up. It is not a job where someone will necessarily be told what to do or where exactly to be. To thrive as a real estate agent while learning the ropes, you must imbibe the spirit of determination, and self-discipline.

2. Communication Skills

Being a real estate agent, one needs to be able to effectively communicate both verbally and in writing. Real estate agents have to explain complicated, nuanced material to their clients in a coherent and easy-to-understand way. Additionally, much of the correspondence in this day and age is via email and social media.  So real estate agents also have to be able to communicate the same material through written word.

3. Personality

Real estate agents will be spending long periods of time with their clients showing properties. So their clients have to like to be around them! If an agent has a good personality and the “likability” factor it lays the groundwork for the client. This will make the client be comfortable and trust that agent with handling their transaction. The real estate agents that are successful always have a fantastic rapport with their clients and many become life-long friends.

4. Professional Appearance

An agent should look and dress the part of a successful business person. The clients who meet the real estate agents for the first time will quickly form first impressions about the competence and professionalism of that agent based on their appearance, rightfully or not. So agents have to have the ability to be well groomed and look the part.

5. Organizational Skills/Time Management

Much like a juggler in a circus, a busy real estate agent will be “spinning many plates”. He/she has to have the ability to be organized and highly efficient with his/her time. As a real estate agent is a commission based position the effort and work that is put in should always be focused and very deliberate. A successful agent will always be on top of their schedule and give the proper focus needed for each one of their “spinning plates”.

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